APPRECIATING GOD'S CREATION:- Beautiful me 😉😉😉😁😁😀😘😘😘😘

Ya ya I'v been on photography but it always on still life or nature, today I have decided to take pictures of my beautiful self.

Yeah I might have my flaws but God still loves me.
I might not be perfect but God loves me, he loves me despite my imperfections.

Even when I might not be serious most times with him, he loves me.
He is kind enough to pull me out of troubles that I put myself into.

His love for me is just more than my understanding;
His love for me is more than my fears.

Yeah I could be naughty most times, but despite all this God still loves me.

In all this I have decided to put him in front in all my endeavour because it is only him that matters in my life.

I am


That beautiful girl.

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24.01.2020 13:40

Indeed, we were created in the image of God beautifully and wonderfully. You look gorgeous. God bless you.

24.01.2020 18:30

Thanks @sc-n.
I am blessed.

25.01.2020 11:19