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About the video.

Poor school children are being empowered by Steem blockchain,
this video will help you understand the power of Steem that you may not have considered before.
See how we're utilizing our Steem rewards to empower poor school children in Africa.

In this video, we have three children that lost their father, their condition became hopeless education wise after the burial of their father. But this is the kind of children that i had in mind before opening Glorious Kids Academy, and now that we're on the a blockchain that empowers people, there's no going back, we have taking it upon ourselves to continue with our support for these little ones.

We are actually spending a lot in paying for teachers, buying books for children, and in running the school in general, we're spending a lot for food for the orphans with us.

We are proud to be here on Steem blockchain which has given us a chance to relate to friends around the world. Our rewards from Steem blogging are being used to argument our resources in catering for these little children.

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To know more about Glorious Kids Academy, please read our introduction to Steem below:


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You may wish to support us by sending some donations and tips to us or by introducing us to some good people and communities on Steem that may assist us.

Your upvote, resteem and advice are all needed and appreciated.

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Thanks and remain glorious.


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I just saw your post from a tweet by @3speak. You're doing a great thing and I hope you keep growing.
@penderis @acidyo @ocdb @oracle-d @anomadsoul and everyone else, please lets show some love to this program.

02.11.2019 05:44

Thanks @belemo for your kind gesture, the comment mean a lot to us, and the Steem gift is highly appreciated, please we’ll love to have you subscribe to our channel. Remain awesome!

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02.11.2019 11:41

Glad I could help in my own little way. Keep up the great job

03.11.2019 12:20

Yip gotta keep them reading, how else... oops this is not a reply to @belemo else I would say how else do you know the difference between play... Good work, hope you get lots of support for a nice library cause the eldest there is ready to go kick Slytherin ass. !tip 2

02.11.2019 07:51

Thanks for your love, we appreciate your being here for us.

We’ll continue doing our best, that’s a good way to approach life.

Thanks again @penderis

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02.11.2019 11:45

dope gesture man. Hope you good

03.11.2019 12:20
🎁 Hi @gloriouskids! You have received 2.0 STEEM tip from @penderis!

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02.11.2019 07:51

Thanks for the gift 🎁 @gloriouskids appreciate that.

Hope to have you here again and again.

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02.11.2019 11:47