Thanksgiving for awesome gifts šŸŽ we received for the goldencenserā€™s challenge.

God being for us, bringing us into one fold, in unity and pure love, we the gloriouskids want to appreciate Steemchurch Steem community in general for their unique nature in loving and in supporting one another.

Few days ago, we came across a post from the bravest, the knight of this great assembly @sirknight who wrote about the launching of Golden Censer, we went to the scriptures to refresh our minds concerning the golden censer from the scriptures in the book of revelation chapter 8 which we placed its screenshot below:


Itā€™s so pleasant for us seeing that the golden censer is a great tool for the children of God as it preserves the prayers of the saints and present them with much sacred aroma and incense before the alter of the most high!

The goldencenserā€™s challenge

We received the challenge with joy when we saw the introduction of the challenge from the host, brother Max, a man who we owe a lot but love, we tried to participate following the assurance we got from the challenge information page that every participant will win. To our greater surprise, we saw ourselves being celebrated as the winners of the challenge. Below are some of the gifts šŸŽ we received from the sponsors:

1 Steem from brother Max, thank you very much brother @maxdevalue for the time you invested in planning and in executing this awesome love and unity provoking challenge in Steemchurch International Ministry.


The second gift we believe was coming from the sponsor of the challenge, 20 TLOS and 20 Beatitude HEARTs! @sirknight we love you so much, these little ones are praying for you! Thanks for your big heart that accommodates all.

Another gift was the biggest one coming our community in general through upvotes and resteem of our post, our friends @sniffnscurry gave us a huge upvote of encouragement, our parish churches and parishioners also surprised us with much love, our mother @darlenys01, our parish priest @uyobong, @ricci01 and many others! May Godā€™s name be praised forever amen.

Weā€™re looking forward for the next announcement on the goldencenserā€™s challenge #2, and weā€™ll love to see everyone participate and share from this awesome moment.


Our shoutout to @sirknight, @darlenys01 @uyobong @maxdevalue @ammyluv and @marciabon for their great love and sacrifice. Thanks your @sc-n @steemchurch @sc-v @sc-g @sniffnscurry @joshman and to the entire steem members.

You may wish to support us by sending some donations and tips to us or by introducing us to some good people and communities on Steem that may assist us.

Your upvote, resteem and advice are all needed and appreciated.

Below are our Crypto addresses in case youā€™re willing to support us with some crypto currencies.




Ethereum Address



You can also send some STEEM and SBD to:


Thanks and remain glorious.


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God bless you all for your participation in the #Goldencenser challenge

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16.07.2019 08:25

Get ready because itā€™s going to be better and fun.

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