Our entry post for golden censer challenge #12


If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. (John 15:7 NIV)


To the glory of God, we’re blessed with the above Bible passage as we interacted with Golden Censer today:

Insight from the word:

We live in a world where people tries to be good to their fellow man as much as possible and do what seems right. But Jesus is here that he is the source of goodness; if we want to really live truly a good life, then we must be attached to him just like a branch of a vine tree can never produce when detached from the vine tree itself.

Away from Christ, our efforts becomes unfruitful and and our righteousness becomes unacceptable to God seeing that Christ is the commandment of God that we must be attached to always.

We want to receive daily nourishment and life offered by Jesus Christ the True Vine!

Thanks to SteemChurch International Ministry and our leaders for this opportunity to connect to our brethren all over the world through blockchain.

To know more about gloriouskids, please read our introduction to Steem below:


Thanks to @maxdevalue for hosting this challenge.


Our shoutout to @sirknight, @darlenys01 @canadian-coconut @uyobong @prime-cleric @maxdevalue @wafrica @surfyogi @ammyluv and @marciabon for their great love and sacrifice. Thanks your @sc-n @steemchurch @sc-v @sc-g @sniffnscurry @joshman @surpassinggoogle and to the entire steem members.

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Thanks and remain glorious.


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Thanks for your entry, my love to your kids lady J.

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01.10.2019 00:31

Hello uncle Max, you’re the best! Thanks for building our future with us!

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02.10.2019 11:22

count on my support, God bless my brothers greatly @gloriouskids.

01.10.2019 02:40

Hello brother, thanks for your understanding support and rich articles on Steem blockchain. These kids are grateful!

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02.10.2019 11:23

Congratulations @gloriouskids. Do not forget to submit your entry for @writeandearn's upvote.

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01.10.2019 03:59

Dear @uyobong the young priest of SteemChurch, we love you! These kids will always stand by your leadership. Meanwhile we have interest in sponsoring #Goldencenser challenge by brother Max as well as your #writeandearn daily prayers with Golden Censer with our 100k marlians power project; we’ve achieved over 20k already.

We’ll soon put up our official declaration of our sponsorship.

The affairs of our dear @Steemchurch is paramount!

We hope you’ll welcome us with open arms.

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02.10.2019 11:30

Very well. This is what we actually need. This expansion is real and we all have to brace ourselves to be a part of the move.

Thank you for all you do for Steemchurch and Steem.

You are much welcomed.

02.10.2019 11:51

The answers to our prayers and meeting of our daily is woven in the word of God. let's dwell on the word.

Thank you for sharing to #sc-n

01.10.2019 14:04

Hello @sc-n, for always staying available for this kids, we’re enjoying love here at SteemChurch.

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02.10.2019 11:21