Our Entry For Pinky and Spinky Drawing Contest Week 79

Babies Making Noise During Pinky And Spiky Organ Duet Recital.


Playing piano 🎹 is delightful, children couldn’t hold the humor of the pleasant sounds from the piano, they’re actually singing 🎤 songs that turned out a noise.

These kids remain grateful for the opportunity to express their drawing skills and also socialize with their friends around the world.

Thanks to @organduo for this contest.


We hope you like amateur drawing from glorious kids, we’re original and delight being such.

We also want to appreciate @steemchurch for their golden censer challenge that we also participate.

Our first term session is on, many children joining, we need more teachers and more funds to keep this good.

Our time on Steem blockchain has really thrown light to our perception of tomorrow and how blockchain can change our world for better, these children remain our utmost treasure as we invest in them; not with any anticipated returns but for joy that humanity received succor from us.

Remain glorious!

To know who we’re, please read our introduction to Steem below:



Our shoutout to @sirknight, @darlenys01 @canadian-coconut @uyobong @prime-cleric @maxdevalue @wafrica @surfyogi @ammyluv and @marciabon for their great love and sacrifice. Thanks your @sc-n @steemchurch @sc-v @sc-g @sniffnscurry @joshman @surpassinggoogle and to the entire steem members.

You may wish to support us by sending some donations and tips to us or by introducing us to some good people and communities on Steem that may assist us.

Your upvote, resteem and advice are all needed and appreciated.

Below are our Crypto addresses in case you’re willing to support us with some crypto currencies.




Ethereum Address



You can also send some STEEM and SBD to:


Thanks and remain glorious.


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