Recognize your role and activate in it. #vision2020


Ephesians 2:19 "So you are no longer foreigners or upstarts, but fellow citizens of the saints, and members of the family of God."
Each of us by accepting the Lord in our lives, we become part of something bigger and that leads us to have new responsibilities, and by having these new positions, there must also be a spiritual as well as physical activation on our part.
The Father in his word tells us that we are no longer as we were in the world, now we are different, now we are part of His family and that leads us to occupy new places in the kingdom, we are no longer ignorant, No !, now We are children, brothers, disciples, servants, worshipers and believers, all this entails new responsibilities and new commitments.
Activation is what the Father expects of us, He expects us to rise and execute in every position he gave us, and affirm ourselves more in Him, this year new leaders, prophets, worshipers, teachers, evangelists, psalmists and preachers and God seeks with this that his word continues to spread and that his people continue to grow, that is, that we go from glory to glory and from power to power.
Let us try that in our vision2020 it is found, to awaken our spirit and our interior, that is to be braver, to accept every position and responsibility, is to activate our mind, to be more creative and thus win more souls with the help of our God. #vision2020


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According to the Bible, Why is there death if there is God? (Part 1 of 3)

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14.01.2020 15:07

Excellent!!. Your reflection is wonderful. Effectively, our God hope let us activate ourselves in faith to assume the roles that our stake in this new year. Thank you gloriana for share.

14.01.2020 18:51

@gloriana071, it really is a privilege to belong to a kingdom that has no limit and the most important thing is to know that we have the authority to access it, because by becoming children of God we have every right to enjoy the blessings it grants us through of our lord Jesus Christ.

14.01.2020 23:45