There are gluts of services that give room for the use of mobile banking, but it occurs that all of them offer exclusively standard terms and legal tenders. Following the rising popularity of cryptocurrency assets, people are no longer interested in using them only on the exchange. Cryptocurrency is becoming a full-fledged financial instrument that enables users to make purchases, as well as pay for services. However, to find a credible, high-quality, and safe app, which will be a kind of mobile bank, is an almost up-hill task. In general, these are centralized services that cannot assure security, work as intermediaries charge high fees for their services.

Features of Pngme Platform
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Pngme is indeed an extensive project, and it is not just a local app that is not capable of significant functions. It is worth considering the main features that open up for pngme users:
Mobile transactions. Clients will have the chance to pay for any necessary goods, replenish your account quickly - all this is done extremely quickly, commissions are also practically absent;
Mandatory expenses are to be made automated. The app will independently make the entire list of specified payments to save the user's time. This is very useful for corporate clients who always need to transfer funds to distinct accounts;
Pngme provides the market for loans. Loans are provided with adequate interest rates. Therefore if a user needs funds, the user can offers that are very much optimal for the user.
The platform condones credit rating. This refers to a safe list in which all user data will be displayed. Based on this, users are allowed to bypass all questionable offers and refuse to be a victim of deceitful manipulation.
On the platform is the Piggybank. Anytime a user intends to use pngme as a deposit account, and then the user can expect to receive a certain fee. Since the system will use the money for further processing, the user can obtain good interest. It is quite safe, and users find it can not be tampered with.
Award system is also available on this platform. Separate bonuses are given not only for those who use deposits. A user is meant to refer others, be an active participant in business dealings.

The Procedure of Using The Pngme Platform Screenshot_2019-10-23 Pngme Borderless Mobile Finance Marketplace.png
At first, the user must register to access accounts, as well as appear i in the credit ring g system. This wl allow the user to see all the offers available, as well as make making business dealings usining the [pngme]( functiolity. After this, it is recommended to immediately understand what precisely one needs - create a credit survey if there is a need for funds. Multiple offers will start to come in - you can choose the option that fully meets your requirements. Also, there is the possibility of creating a referral link that allows you to invite your friends to participate in the pngme project - this will help to accumulate a reward quickly.

In other to achieve the lofty objective o of the PNGME projectconceptualizers of the initiative had sought for a valuable and strategic partnership with existing technically savvy establishments to bring about an enterprise and key efficient white label solution that will be optimal and significant to gluts of people and companies of financially excluded clients.

The Team:
Screenshot_2019-10-29 Team Pngme.pngThe PNGME team habeen receiving rave reviews from trusted experts in the blockchain and MSMEs ecosystem; with a cross-section of technologically minded and digitally oriented experts, the Brendan Playford PNGME team has come to bridge the financial gap

Final View
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The decentralized pngme project has already attracted the attention of many investors; this kind of mobile app promises to be a real breakthrough in the web-based banking segment. The developers managed to use the potential of all new technologies to create a mobile app of a global dimension - where daily expenses are not only presented here, but there is a unique credit rating. Thanks to this, pngme users can count on receiving rewards for using funds - in the future, internal platform tokens can be monetized, the reward system is thought out and dull. No fraud, problems with intermediaries, commissions, and complex transactions - only prompt access to your own accounts, the ability to make the necessary payments using any currency.

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