Thor: Ragnarok, a fun adventure movie

Thor: Ragnarok, it was another movie that made me laugh and I love her for that but if I think about the funniest Marvel movies I think it would only place Guardians of the Galaxy above Thor: Ragnarok, but an essential detail to understand the tape Waititi is that his sense of humor differs from the important way of James Gunn. In both cases there is a certain proximity to demystification through the absurd, but here it flirts with the parody in opposition to the thugs touch of the guards.
That resulting detail essential for the difference between the functions and also to understand the choice of Waititi, because it was clear that his freedom of action in a large production like 'Thor: Ragnarok' was going to be more limited and also that his sense of humor was going to be at the service of what is still a "standard" adventure of a superhero.

He does not quoted the standard before by chance, since here he opts for an aesthetic away from what was seen in the previous two deliveries - the first marked by the Shakespearian touch of Kenneth Branagh and the second somewhat more impersonal, although not inferior , for being Alan Taylor behind the cameras - for a star for a retro look with bright colors that at the moment of truth finds his best ally in the great soundtrack of Mark Mothersbaugh, because he is the one who best understands what the movie seems to look for.

Beyond that, we have a story that wants to get away from the pattern marked by other Marvel adventures, recreating for it in the intermediate stages - I think here especially in the extensive segment of footage set on the planet Sakaar - as it is there where Waititi has more material for humor to predominate. And I'm not going to deny it, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ got me to laugh a lot of times and also gives the right material to Chris Hemsworth to shine beyond his physique.
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In fact, in its effective prologue it is seen that this strong presence of the comic will be what shines most, with the action scenes usurping its presence with relative frequency in the face of the need to offer the viewer what he expects from a story of these characteristics. I do not think Waititi does a bad job executing those scenes, but he does seem more helpful, not wanting to risk more than the account and that is where he enters the scene what he feared most: that ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ ended up being generic.

Being more direct, 'Thor: Ragnarok' plays comfortably as entertainment, manages to make you laugh countless times and surpasses its two predecessors, but also falls into a series of habitual mistakes of Marvel productions that lead to its best moments being in actually the intermediate situations - or transition - instead of the parts that should be more important.

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