Shazam, a movie with humor

"Shazam!" It is different, very different from everything that the DC universe had brought us so far. It is a cool, funny movie, it made me laugh until I couldn't and left messages of human values.
The film begins showing us the origin of the villain and then alternates quite effectively the evolution of one and the other until it reaches its inevitable final confrontation. On that side, there is no surprise, but "Shazam!" It does not play that, nor is it an overflowing visual spectacle. Here the goal is another.

The film finds its axis as the young Asher Angel makes an appearance, since it takes a short time to seize the film with his self-confidence and finds a top ally in Zachary Levi, his superhero alter ego. The transitions between one child and the other are so fluid that one really thinks they are the same person, although for Angel Angel's chemistry with Jack Dylan Grazer is even more important.

Grazer is at the same time responsible for raising the comic aspect and giving some heart to the story and selling it. That's where 'Shazam!' It could be sunk, since the rest of the familiar elements with which Henry Gayden's script plays does not go beyond the merely functional and it is very clear that it will be something fundamental within the motivations of the protagonist.
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To this we must add that our protagonist is far from representing what an ideal superhero should be. It is true that he never reaches the levels of the first bars of 'Hancock', but the fact of not being afraid to influence his defects also helps to make everything more dynamic and is also used correctly so that he discovers his powers . After all, he is still a child and to ignore that as soon as he acquired the powers would have been a mistake.

In short, Sha Shazam! ’Is a top-notch hobby, a superhero movie that bets on lightness and humor with a cast delivered to the cause and a director who knows what he does to enhance his virtues.

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