Black Panther

Black Panther shows great beauty for its majestic landscapes and the majestic costumes of its characters. In this movie we have an animated prologue about the origin of Wakanda and Black Panther, following the tradition of fantastic cinema; It is a beautiful and useful sequence that summarizes a great story in a short time, just enough to understand how this magical kingdom arises. Then, instead of placing ourselves today, they take us to a scene that happened decades before and that explains several of the great conflict on which history is going to be supported. Two brothers faced by power.
By explaining before what Wakanda is, part of the surprise of the scene vanishes although it has Sterling K. Brown, one of the best actors in the American industry. He has the rare talent of transmitting the truth of his characters just with his eyes and gestures. Having a Brown at the beginning, as a villain with whom you can identify, is a success although they have spent the wild card.

The spectacular product, its striking fantastic universe and an effective cast manage to entertain more or less during much of the footage and distract attention to not think too much about what is being told. Everything positive about 'Black Panther' comes down in the last act. It is a narrative riot where everything goes in order to make the viewer dizzy with movement, blows and action.

A final act must be the highlight of the film, the most exciting and epic stretch, but here there is only frantic action and visual effects that fail to amaze (rhinos or the panther fight). Ryan Coogler keeps too many fronts open and goes from one to another without too much judgment, resulting in a chaos that becomes eternal. In the end he smiles with the post-credit scenes and the closeness of the premiere of the War of Infinity. They are very skilled in Marvel.

I do not think that Black Panther is a bad movie, of course, it has spectacular and fun moments, great actors and achieved stages.

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