Platinum Qdao Engineering ( airdrop & bounty) $1000

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is a top custom software development company which has a great experience providing unmatched solutions for own clients. They give real business value through engineering-based solutions model that offers innovative and cost-effective software development solutions to complex challenges.

Are you looking for new project or if you looking for recover your existing project .
QDao engineers will help you to make you success in your project by QDao software development team .

QDao will help you break away from clunky off-the-shelf software and build custom-tailored software for your business. From a small APP to a large ecosystem.

User experience and User interface are inseparable and form an overall impression of your product. Any screen or surface, limited only by anyone's imagination.

PLATINUM Q DAO Engineering brings extensive industry expertise, well-established processes and flexible delivery models to help you at every stage of your software project, be it development from scratch, customization or reengineering. Fast forward your business goals with a partner that understands your industry's challenges.

Your business is awesome. On any platform or device. Mobile your company approach to touch any target audience. Qdao engineers design applications with attention to detail and bearing in mind every peculiarity of the operating system and application's compatibility with all versions and devices.

The Q DAO Platform allows users to generate various stablecoins. The stablecoins (USDQ, KRWQ, and others) can be generated by any person who has Bitcoins at his / her disposal. The team envisages the biggest use cases to be cross-border value transfers, payments for goods and services, as well as long-term savings. Additionally, the stablecoin generation system is intended to set the foundation for a margin trading platform.

The ecosystem functions in order to mint two coins - the internal coin Q DAO, used to manage the ecosystem, and the USD-pegged USDQ. The system is based on collateralization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, enabling any user to input cryptocurrency and mint USDQ coins, with its value continuously oscillates around $ 1 with insignificant deviations from time to time.

You can know more about them by visit official website

About crypto tokenization

QDao tokens based on ethereum network with only 1m supply . You can check out QDao on coinmarketcap

Team communicate

Qdao team have active social media account there they publish own project updates and future planning according to roadmap .
These are social links QDao Twitter
QDao facebook QDao medium QDao telegram

For group chat

QDao airdrop & bounty

For success each blockchain project need community globally. For attract users they distribute some fixed amount of tokens/coins free . And QDao also doing this . At the time of writing this article 80% of airdrop &bounty amount of USDQ already claimed .
QDao have value approx $27 according to CMC .

For earn some USDQ stable coin you need to create account Qdao bounty

Connect your social media and let team approve your task . It may take up to 48 hours to approve .. you can earn 5-10 tokens by completing social media tasks .
Here not ending... you can run for earn 1000 USDQ tokens by completing bounty tasks like making YouTube video or writing article . It's more then awesome.

Your earned token will take out only in

You can read withdrawal terms&conditions in this PDF or you can ask directly

Currently 100% volume trading on

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