My name is Gideon Ikechukwu Nwankwere . I was born on 6th of August 1950

I was born into the family of late Mr Shedrack Nwankwere and Mrs Ugowanyi Nwankwere I am a native of Umunkolo Nbawsi in Isiala ngwa north LGA, Abia state of Nigeria.
I am maried with six children, one female and five males . All my children are alive and living.

I attended primary school up to primary six , later I entered commercial school ,which I could not finish because of Nigerian Biafa war. Durng the civil war, survival was not easy for us , food was very scarce, and the little we could get was eaten with little or no salt. That was why so many children died of kwashiokor.
Most of the times during the war, we were sleeping in the bush, but Thanks to God, we managed to survive the crisis.

Study and Work.

After the war, l could not continue my education due to financial problems and my mother's sickness . Later, l left home for Aba city where I got a work with an insurance company and worked with them for sometime. After a while, I left them and started doing petty businesses to take care of my family. Later I went back home to take care of my aged parents.

Presently I am a farmer , growing crops like maize, cassava, garden egg and other ones. That is what I do to assist myself and my wife, in addition to what my children provides for us.
In my subsequent posts you will be seeing how I carry out my farm work


Our wedding picture

I and my wife love music and dancing. It has been a way we use to enjoy ourselves. I also love watching football, when available, enabling me to laugh out stress in life. We also enjoy chatting together, to keep our companionship strong, espicially now that all my children have let home. Unfortunately, my dear wife has been sick for some years now, but thanks to God, she is recovering and to my children for their wonderful support in taking care of her.

Present photo

I love exploring new opportunities like this, trying out new things has been my way of life and that is why I am into steemit as well and have survived till now.

The knowledge of steemit came from my son @benton3 and the wife @ngoenyi, who encouraged me to join steemit having known my capabilities. They believe that i can learn a lot from steemit helping me to widen my horizon especially since the whole world is going digital, exposing me too to the world of crypto currency.

I have already refered 4 persons to steemit through @ngoenyi and they are doing very well. No wonder, they encouraged me to engage in it also. My aim is to empower as much young people as possible through it, letting them know what it is all about and what it can do for them, in the long run.

In conclusion, I am grateful to @benton3 and @ngoenyi for putting me through and encouraging me. Great thanks to @cryptokannon for assisting new ones like me.

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