Cryptocurrency trading (computerized cash trading) is a business that allows clients to exchange digital forms of money or sophisticated monetary forms for different resources, for example, traditional cash or other sophisticated monetary standards. Digital currency trading can be a market creator who regularly accepts the spread approach to bidding as an exchange commission for administration or, as a coordination stage, basically charges fees.
Computerized monetary standard makers are often autonomous from sophisticated money trading that encourages cash exchange. In one type of framework, digital currency providers (DCPs) are organizations that maintain and manage to represent their clients, but most do not make legal advances to clients. The client buys or sells computerized cash from advanced money trading, which moves advances into or out of the client's DCP account. Some trades are DCP assistants, but many are legitimate autonomous organizations. The division of assets stored in DCP records may be from real or imaginary money.
Exchange of customary securities is very limited by working only during working hours, and in the nearest time zone of the referred market. A dealer, who has important parts of an open organization, who wants to react to showing opportunities progressively must hold out until the market reopens, at which time the opportunity to benefit from the opportunity referred may have passed
Soraix is ​​determined to drastically change conventional stock trading by exchanging beneficial trades through blockchain innovation. In doing so, we hope to move the open impression of computerized resources in a positive way, bringing broader adjustments and dependence in business. Soraix will provide huge benefits for conventional speculators such as retail traders, the overall population and all businesses alike.
Customary clients will benefit from our first revenue-sharing model, which empowers them to exchange SRX Tokens for Equity Tokens with a higher valuation and if desired, quickly sell Equity Tokens purchased for fiat monetary standards, verifying all additions on the exchange. Corporate customers, will be able to increase assets, by issuing Equity Tokens on our stage.

Soraix will provide our clients with exceptional opportunities to take part in our revenue. Soraix Token holders will be able to exchange their SRX Tokens using the 1: 1 benchmark against Equity Tokens issued on our stage by capital-raising organizations, with little regard for the estimates of the two tokens. This model will give conventional clients a prominent model to take part in our income. Corporate clients, will be able to issue their own Equity Tokens on our stage, empowering them to raise capital with a small amount of costs associated with an IPO.
Soraix feature
For Traders,
Retail Traders will be offered a variety of basic and complex instruments and highlights, including the normal revenue sharing model.
For investors,
Soraix will empower speculators to secure computerized parts of the organization as value tokens and exchange them for
Special Info
SRX Token
SRX can be used to purchase Equity tokens at a price of 1: 1 allowing dealers to exchange possible lower marks for incentives for one organization. from a higher value.
Token Value Token Value can be seen as a computerized variant of the parts of the supporting organization where each value token is combined into one part of the issuing organization.
Initial Investor Bonus
Early Investor Bonus By purchasing SRX Tokens for the first two weeks of our ICO, we will coordinate your purchase with an additional SRX Token value of 10% at no additional cost to you. Prizes will increase by up to 5%, for speculators who buy our tokens during Weeks 3 and 4.

To provide security and directness to our esteemed clients, Soraix will be headquartered in Switzerland. Switzerland currently has an idea among the most refined and encouraged customer guarantee guidelines on the planet. Nothing is more significant in the area of ​​exchange, other than exchanging with people you trust.
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