Sonic Groove Live week 17 "Old Habits" Hank Williams Jr. cover by @gibber

"Old Habits"

I kicked the habit, of smoking back sometime ago
And I tried the hard stuff, but I had to let all that go
But the toughest thing, I ever gave up was today
'Cause old habits like you, are hard to break

I use lifesavers, to help me get off cigarettes
But you know for your love, I ain't found no lifesavers yet
And I've gone cold Turkey, 'cause there's not even one kiss a day
And old habits like you, are hard to break

Old habits like you, are hard to break
Love with someone new, is so hard to make
I had grown so used to you, and all of your ways
And old habits like you, are hard to break

lryics courtesy of AZLyrics

  • When I do a cover of an existing piece of music I take artistic liberties with things such as: tempo; lyrics; chords; arrangement and key... I try to emulate the piece to fit my personal taste...

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