How to hear the voice of God

Reading to reflect: Proverbs 2: 1-7
"My son, if you receive my words,
    And my commandments kept within you,
 Making your ear attentive to wisdom;
If you bow your heart to prudence,
 If you cry out to intelligence,
And to prudence you give your voice;
If I eat silver you will look for it,
And look at it like treasures,
 Then you will understand the fear of Jehovah,
And you will find the knowledge of God.
 Because Jehovah gives wisdom,
And from his mouth comes knowledge and intelligence.
 He provides sound wisdom to the upright;
It is a shield to those who walk uprightly".


Many people today ask how to hear the voice of God and if I speak with Him how to know if he hears me and answers me. The Bible as we know is the word of God and one of the things we should know is that every time we pray we are talking to Him and if we read the Bible He answers us, there is not much proof of this that scrutinize the scriptures and realize that his written word is proof that he speaks to us there is embodied in all the guidance we need to live.
The Bible really gives us wisdom and that is what God wants us to develop. Wisdom to receive the written word of God.

We must be open to the word to acquire wisdom and constantly bow our hearts towards God to receive prudence.
Above all, we must try to find the most valuable thing we have in life through the gospel of Jesus Christ and we must look for it as a precious treasure.

God gives us wisdom when we look for him fervently and with the heart to walk correctly before the world. God has always wanted to communicate with his creation from the foundation of the world and He always speaks to us, whenever there are thoughts of good in our mind it is God speaking and inviting us to move forward to walk with Him.
Every time we receive a written word in the Bible we are receiving the teaching of God.

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Very true @giacamila, if we want to hear from God we must go to the Bible. DTB

26.09.2019 00:49

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