Life can change you in seconds, minutes or hours because really in this life everything changes, life changes, men change, times change ... everything changes. However love never changes and precisely does not change because love is God because He is not love is the essence of love.
Today we are here, maybe not tomorrow, because life is like that but the only thing that never changes and remains forever is Jehovah our God.

Many people live busy and submerged in the things of life and ignore the most important and the most essential because the cares of life absorb it but one day they realize that those things are not the most important because when life tests us and difficulties that get out of hand is where we realize that only God is enough.


In this life everything ends and only God is essential and sufficient in our lives.

>>1 chronicles 29:11
11 Yours, O Jehovah, is the magnificence and the power, the glory, the victory and the honor; for all things that are in heaven and on earth are yours. Yours, O Jehovah, is the kingdom, and you are exalted above all.
(Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960).

From God is the earth and all its fullness and all that is in it has been created by God. From Him is the magnificence and all the power and He does everything He wants according to His Majesty, because only He is sovereign and very high, powerful and essential in the life of any person.

In this sense, the only thing that is truly essential is to have Jesus Christ in our lives because everything else happens but the word of God never passes and remains forever so that man can be saved from condemnation and access eternal life through Jesus Christ the savior of the world.

In this way the cares of life does not lead us to anything or the things that we believe are more important than God alone. God is enough!

because if you have many things in this life and you don't have God you have nothing but if you don't have many things and you have God you have everything

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18.03.2020 20:15

He said, 'Stop doing wrong things and turn back to God! The kingdom of heaven is almost here.'(Matthew 3:2)

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18.03.2020 20:23

Excellent and very true only God is sufficient and essential in this life, if we have God we have everything.

19.03.2020 01:59