You can see the beauty of my area that this flower decoration 30-03-2021

Today we will talk about the flower of jasmine. Friends, this flower is a very beautiful flower. It is planted in many houses. The fragrance of this flower is very good. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also liked this flower. The fragrance is very good. This jasmine flower is very beautiful. It also has small thorns and its children are also small. This flower is very beautiful in our area. This flower is planted in many houses. And this flower is very much used as decoration in the houses. This flower is very fragrant when it comes and its fragrance spreads to a very wide area. This flower spreads very far in Pakistan. It is a very popular flower. It is a very popular flower. It is a very popular flower. It has a very good fragrance. People use it for designing and also plant colorful flowers. This flower is more beautiful in colorful flowers. It seems that people look at this flower very well and like it very much and people use it for designing in their homes. This flower is also used more for decorations on the occasion of a wedding ceremony and people like it. People also like it as a fragrance. This flower is also in the United States. The flower is also a name in the United States. People in the United States also like this flower. This flower is a very good flower. I mostly keep this flower safely and it is also planted in the house as designing and decoration. As many people in our area are planted at home as perfume and perfume. These flowers look very beautiful as designing as decoration and as perfume. In our area their name is Flowers. The fragrance spreads far and wide. I like this flower very much. I hope you guys will like it very much.



You can see in the picture that this flower is in two colors, yellow and white. It looks very beautiful. It is very beautiful for decoration. In our area, these flowers are very important. Everywhere is decorated. I have planted these flowers in my house too and they look very beautiful and are very fragrant. I water them every day and they wave. They look very nice and they are lively. These flowers keep shining all the time. When I don't bring them, I put water on them and the ones that have mud on them are cleaned. I have made a park for them at home. I like these flowers very much. I keep them very safe. Even if I am not at home, my family members protect them, give them water, guard them. Our family members are also very fond of these bridges. To protect them to keep them at home but also in our pakistan people like them very much they are very fragrant this flower this you can see in the picture This is our home park of flowers. There are flowers in our house. You can see how well decorated this flower is in most areas of our area. You can see it in the picture.



I like these flowers very much and keep them in my house. I have heard that people in the United States also like them very much and like them very much. I hope you also like this flower. Will do would like would like you will like it too I have shared these pictures with you guys so you can see it goodbye

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