TRAVEL A habit I haven't tried, familiarity I've never seen

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Soda Art Museum

Habits never tried, familiarity never seen

What does it mean to go to the museum? I don't visit often, but sometimes I want to go to the museum. When you think of places where people walk slowly and try to space themselves, it already feels a bit special. People who have been stationary for a long time with their feet attached in one place.

Impressive expressions come to mind as we discover a problem that must be solved in front of the white empty wall. A place where only a few children run happily, knowing the answer. I constantly think about what to eat, but for a while, I stop thinking about what to eat there. When you think of an art museum, these moods come to mind first.

Written and photographed @ghostface1

Filling the art museum

Sense of all

In one podcast, an architect compared the library to the forest. It was a story about each book in a bookshelf, and the whole of it constantly resembles the ecology of the forest. I sympathized with that gaze. This is because a quiet library is actually alive, compared to a forest full of small movements. Even if you think back and forth. If not, would there be a better example to illustrate the library? Remembering this story, I said, \\ What is the museum? '' Equation questions were also possible. If the library is a forest, the museum reminded me of a well-designed garden. Still life rather than forest

Although it is enemy, there are heavy changes and seasons in it. If you can't name the plants one by one, fill the 'forest', 'garden' has a few randomly chosen names. Soda Art Museum was a large garden in Hi-dong, Hwaseong-si. The only place left behind is the skeleton of the building. Originally, it was not a big exaggeration to say that the skeleton was covered with wallpaper, tiles, and wood, so the concrete was barely visible and the necessary interior space was filled with some cargo containers. “This building used to be a jjimjilbang,” the guide told me. Only then did I see the big pillars and some unusually hollowed spaces. There must have been warm water there, and I could quickly think of it. A little stiffness in the art museum loosened a bit as I imagined a bath. Inside, seven artists hang their works on the subject of 'Sensory Class'. Pictures that awaken the sixth sense, pictures of moments that our eyes can never capture, and shapes visualizing hearing. There is a sense in the world that you may call it something, and I feel that I feel insignificant. Following the exhibition, the artists tell me that they were not using my senses above all. It was the idea of ​​a young architect to make this space an art gallery that was left empty, the guide said. What hints did the architects face as a problem for landowners or Hwaseong? After seeing all the exhibits, I found that the Soda Museum itself is not available at any other museum,

Soda Art Museum

A. 30, Hyohaeng-ro 707beon-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do


T. 070 8915 9127

O. 10: 00 ~ 19: 00 Monday, holiday closed

The weekday afternoon art museum had a quiet created by effort. It is not a static that is formed naturally because there are no people or machines at all, but there are people and machines. Sometimes I feel that hard work and living in the city is not bad. It's hard to find and you know it's yours. After looking around the museum slowly and slowly, I sat in the cafe and watched the people go in and out. The mother who took the child and the couple who are dating on weekdays not weekends, and the old man who walked slowly like a monk. 2nd floor outdoor exhibition

Workers coming down the stairs after renovating the construction deck were also worried about not making loud steps. It seemed as if everyone participated in their own way in the late winter 'Sensory Class'.

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