Vegan sausage rolls


The sun was out, the bees were out and so was the BBQ, so I made some sausage rolls for fruitsandveggiesmonday with @lenasveganliving and @plantstoplanks.

I found some new vegan sausages that I found, well I guess it is debatable if they are vegan because of the company that makes them and they come in a plastic bag, but they are plant based and made from peas.


I think the Linda McCartney is a little better because it's products don't contain meat and the packaging is cardboard and biodegradable, but it still sells some products with eggs,mmilk and cheese, which doesn't make it 100% a vegan brand. I think if we want companies to be more eco friendly and be more veganized we should buy there products and show that there is a market for these products. Personally I quite liked the birds eye sausages a bit more than the Linda McCartney sausages but in the future I would buy the Linda McCartney sausages only because of the packaging, I don't like the plastic bag, good for birds eye doing something vegan, but they could do with changing their packing.

While I was out in the garden having a grand old time with the BBQ I took some bee-utiful photography.




There were two types of bees, some in the bush and loads on the grass, I don't weed my grass so there are loads of little flowers for the bees, they love it, and there is no rule that says you need to have only grass for it to be a lawn, if so I will live with my piece of small meadow, lol πŸ˜‚.





OK so back to those sausages I mentioned, they went on the fire.


I caramelised some onions.


Put them on a roll with ketchup and horseradish chilli mustard sauce.


And made one of each type of sausage, because I had to see which is the best.


My wife and myself liked the birds eye more, but my daughter liked the Linda McCartney sausages better, but we all thought they were both awesome, some1 even stole a couple, and the culprit is yet to be apprehended and on the loose, so mind your sausages. Thanks for checking out my fruitsandveggiesmonday entry.

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07.07.2019 22:44

Yummy sandwiches for real foodies

08.07.2019 01:23

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12.07.2019 00:30

I think our yard is mostly weeds, too. I figure it is much closer to how nature intended, so why mess with it? ;) Love the shots of the bee! It is really amazing to see all of the vegan options out there now. I know some people won't buy some of the ones made by large companies as they don't want to support the big conglomerates, but I think it makes veganism much more accessible to everyone. I would agree I also prefer to choose options using as little plastic as possible, but it is definitely challenging or also more expensive many times to get the better packaging. Hopefully we'll continue to move forward and have more and more healthy, ethical options abounding!

08.07.2019 11:40

Yeah companies need to be more ethical and sooner the better

09.07.2019 01:20

Yeah companies need
To be more ethical and
Sooner the better

                 - gguy773

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09.07.2019 01:20

Adorable bees and delicious food. Eating outdoors is the best 🌸😊🌸
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08.07.2019 16:30

Yeah it is awesome

09.07.2019 01:14

my mother geting water

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