CHAIN OF GOODNESS EVENT | Food relief operation during covid-19 pandemic

Lending a hand during hard times is sometimes hard to do especially if you are also suffering from the same difficulties. But during the time of locked down in the whole country of Philippines, there was a lot of help coming form different individuals, people, and even ordinary citizen sharing their blessings. That was like a chain of goodness to people.


Thes different individuals donates, sacks of rice, canned goods, vegetables, household needs, cash and even time to pack and distribute the foods to the less fortunate indiviuals.


I was onne of the luckiest people to help packing and distributing the food packs to different small towns in Metro Manila together with my church friends. We were only less than 10 people doing all the work since we limit people not to be infected with the vir.

eWe use a truck to deliver the goods house to house and the truck we used was also offered by other friend who also drives back and forth.


When we arrived to the location, the town oial met uet us to help facilitate the distribution of the goods and to minimize the exposure of each indual.



This is the photo I took from one the places we went for distribution. This is in a slum area where people has to live in a very tiny room and lots of people in the community. They are one of those less fortunate who loss their jobs and income especially that most of them works in a very low paying job.


It was tiring at the end of the day but me and other volunteers feel accomplished that we were able to help in our own little way.

Whatehatever situation we have right now, we still have to be thankful and glad because we are blessed in different ways. We just have to see that a lot of people are in most need than us... and so we need to give help.

Thank you that I have joined this community and able to see how people could spread and encourage goodness towards people in simple yet important ways of spreading kindness. Especially to the admin and MOD of the SteemWomen Club and to the supporters @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02.


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I am happy for your well-being and beautiful heart. May goodness increase like a chain. I will choose it as a quality post soon.

05.03.2021 16:17

Thank you for the appreciation @steemwomensclub ❤️

07.03.2021 01:49

Wow! Maya food relief pa po pala. Wala na po akong nababalitaan na ganyan since di nako nakakapanood ng TV. Online nalangs. ^^

07.03.2021 11:20

Meron pa hindi lang pinaBalita sa TV

07.03.2021 14:33


08.03.2021 08:28