Updated list of Witnesses i have voted for!


We all know the importance of the Witnesses for the ecosystem of our blockchain, and this is the reason i will add every single month a post regarding this topic, and yes this post is for April!
With this in mind i want to encourage every single account (no matter how much Steem Power your account holds) to start voting for our Witnesses, as i strongly believe it's our "civic responsibility" to act in this matter.

Below is the list of Witnesses i have voted for:

If you have some Witnesses names in mind just let me know as i still have 11 more votes and like this i can show my support.
For the moment my account holds 17309 Steem Power which translates in 32,627,967 VESTS, so it should be a pretty decent vote specially I will Power Up more in the near future!

It will be great if @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 or somebody form Steemit Engineering Team, will add a post regarding this topic. We do have a vibrant community, with a lot of contests around and lately a lot of engagement but most of our Steemians are new members, and most probably not aware of the importance of casting their votes for our Witnesses...

I will end up this post with a final thought and i looking forward to find out some more names of Witnesses that you think should be voted:

It's our "civic responsibility" to vote for our Witnesses!


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