Little Dancer, handcut collage 100/70cm.


Still another handcut collage from my Street Saints series, i decided to present them all in a row of posts. I must admit i am not sure if i presented any of them at Steem in the past, if so you must forgive the repost. At least the text and thoughts are new.


Little Dancer is the largest in size artwork and technically i am very happy with the work done. The colour patterns are minimal and very balanced, the aspect ratio of theme/background also good and there is a lot of motion that makes the artwork come alive. I used the sepia winterscape for the skin and a lightly patterned fabric image fro the cloths, also a lot of jewelry hanging from every place possible. My inspiration was a black and white photograph of a wounded child soldier, a really shocking image that i tried to alter with my art and create a new feeling to the viewer. I created it back at 2011 and after all these years and seeing again a war starting in my area, i can only imagine how many more innocent victims we will see.  


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11.10.2019 17:00

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11.10.2019 17:01

Well, the captain remaibs my favorite but maaterfully done here, too!

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11.10.2019 17:59

Thank you so much, the captain was indeed a very special artwork:)

12.10.2019 06:09

This is amazing colage! Gongrats, George!! :)

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11.10.2019 18:59

Thank you very much 😊

12.10.2019 08:27

Also the theme is interesting to me, touching my soul and feelings about that.

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11.10.2019 19:06

Thank you so much for your kind words and i am happy that my art brought you this emotion:)

12.10.2019 06:07

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11.10.2019 19:19

It looks beautiful, reminds me orient with its rich jewellery varieties. It is a sad story behind your Artwork, it is a shame that still there are so many children suffering from war. I like the combination of gold-orange background and ice blue stones :)

11.10.2019 20:03

Thank you so much dear Stef:) It looks indeeed oriental, more or less all the series bring this out eventhough it was not the original plan. I think the rich motifs and the jewllery played a big part in this.

12.10.2019 06:06

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11.10.2019 20:45

Thank you so much for the support:)

12.10.2019 06:00

Awesome job! Have you ever taken any Expressive Art Therapy (EAT) classes or participated in any EAT sessions?

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11.10.2019 21:06

Thank you very much, no i did not taken any EAT classes. But i make some workshops teaching my art to others who found it very relaxing and mind-easing:)

12.10.2019 06:00

Check out this video - Natalie Rogers is a greatly respected EAT provider and innovator!

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12.10.2019 06:34

Very interesting ,i will find some more to see. Thank you very much:)

12.10.2019 06:48

My pleasure! I hope you find it helpful!

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12.10.2019 07:15

That's certainly a helluva thing to be inspired by, but it's an unfortunate image we've all become too familiar with.

Do you sketch out the cutouts first and then fill them in, something like a "paint by number"?

11.10.2019 22:26

Yes i will agree to that, we become more and more familiar with these images... so sad.

I make an outline of the artwork on a transparent paper which i put on top of my black "canvas". Then i start cutting every piece using the tranparent paper as a guide, you can imagine it as a puzzle and the black lines you see is the space between the pieces:)

12.10.2019 05:57

That's a great idea. I've never seen that done before, and I really like it. Thanks for sharing!

12.10.2019 23:08


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12.10.2019 03:11

Thank you so much @livvu and @helpie for the sweet support:)

12.10.2019 05:54

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12.10.2019 14:26

Thank you very much for the support @art-venture😊😊

12.10.2019 14:32

Very interesting work!) And it didn’t matter whether it was or not in your blog - after all, everyone go to museums many times to look at the same pictures)))

12.10.2019 23:44

Ans so, you birthed a most beautiful and lively artwork from the foundation of a wounded child Sir George.
What a wonderful way to look at life.

13.10.2019 18:08

Thank you so much:)

14.10.2019 17:24

My pleasure Sir George!

14.10.2019 20:06

This is a beautiful collage, and even more with your explanations ...

14.10.2019 09:11

Tahnk you very much Barbara:) I see that you are using the #powerhousecreatives tag:) Are you a member too?:)

14.10.2019 17:17

Great work!

14.10.2019 18:29

Thank you:)

15.10.2019 18:43

Hello !
It's an amazing work! I didn't know this technique and I really love the result!
You rock man ! It's beautiful ! :)

16.10.2019 07:54