Creative Curation Report #5

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Another weekly curation report for the Creative Coin community and i see the project moving forward every single day. My feed is always full of impressive creations of every kind and the trending page of the Front End exactly the way i imagined Steemit when i first signed up. As before i will present to you three underrated posts and i am hoping that you like them and give them the attention they deserve.

Open Page by by @bentleycapital by @lucydyer.

Another digital artwork, with a lot of different elements creating a stylish collage. The artist is very skillful with the digital tools and the result is seamless and very balanced. A composition of patterns, motifs and text.

Unil the next time, stay creative.


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14.09.2019 10:02

All are talented artists.. Thanks for featuring and supporting them.. :)

14.09.2019 14:45

You are very welcome dear Priya, i am a happy that you liked them:)

14.09.2019 16:27

Great selection

14.09.2019 16:57

Thank you:)

14.09.2019 18:25


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14.09.2019 18:42

Thank you so much for the support Priya😊

14.09.2019 19:04

Excellent selections, @georgeboya! In fact, that first one was so striking, I searched out the artist's website and sent her a note! It totally captures that feeling of turning a new page in your life, and the beautiful optimism of childhood. Wonderful finds, and thanks for sharing them!

14.09.2019 19:22

Thank you so much @traciyork, i felt too that it has a high symbolic value:)

14.09.2019 20:09

You're welcome, @georgeboya! 😊

14.09.2019 20:20

Another wonderful curation,each of these pieces are stunning xx

14.09.2019 20:37

Thank you so much, i am happy that you like them:)

15.09.2019 13:06

Great selections here Sir George, you certainly have a good eye for lovely art.

15.09.2019 09:18

Thank you so much dear @papilloncharity, blessings to you too:)

15.09.2019 13:04

Greetings @georgeboya,

How very kind of you to include 'Night Skye' in your Creative Curation Report.

Yes, so true......imagination is the artist's greatist tool.....without it....there would be no life in the work.

It is an honour to be selected along with these two other excellent works.....thank you for introducing them......looking forward to giving them a look.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.


15.09.2019 12:04

Greetings to you too @blujay, as a collage artist i am very sensitive to the artworks that aim to change the reality. I enjoy seeing and i am also intrigued by them:)

I am really happy that you liked the the other two artworks and i am wishing you a happy and creative Sunday:)

15.09.2019 13:03

Excellent selection, my favourite is the surreal book opening a new chapter, very descriptive @georgeboya

15.09.2019 12:53

i am really happy that you like them Joan:) I believe so too, the artwork with the open book brings out a positive and hopeful feeling in such a beautiful way:)

15.09.2019 13:19

Hey cool to see you're still active! Doing pretty well for yourself too =P

15.09.2019 13:31

How cool to see you too @mobbs you remind me my first days at steem and the first person i ever send a message,lol. I came back last November and decided to invest more time and effort to the project, since then i am active daily curating and creating art:)

15.09.2019 17:31

Awesome, maybe we can work together again some time, this time with my upcoming viola skills and your artistic talents haha

16.09.2019 02:05

Wel,l i think we are ready for an audiovisual collaboration,lol.

16.09.2019 16:52

The colours of those works remind me Spring, yellow and green, nice sunny atmosphere, really beautiful selection :)

15.09.2019 17:03

Yes i think so too, all of them radiate a positive feeling:) Well spotted dear Stef:)

15.09.2019 17:23

Amazing artists, such talented artwork!

16.09.2019 08:04

Yes they are really talented, thank you for stopping by:)You are not posting much lately @joelai... i missed the mouthwatering food photos, the sunsets at the beach..

16.09.2019 16:51

I've been sick for more than a week.... slowly crawling back right now, haha 😁

17.09.2019 00:54

I wish you a swift recovery, take care:)

18.09.2019 17:56

Much appreciated my friend.

20.09.2019 07:31

Beautiful that now on #newsteem and many tribes like Creative Coin, real artists who put real effort get to stand out. Thank you for curating to expose us to them. =)

16.09.2019 09:42

You are very welcome, i think so too that newsteem makes a difference. Its too soon but i am hopeful for a bright and fair future:)

16.09.2019 16:49

That's some really creative work. 🙂

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16.09.2019 12:31

I am happy that you like them:)

16.09.2019 16:48

Another brilliant selection, highlighting the talent on the blockchain

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17.09.2019 15:14

I am really happy that you like them:)

18.09.2019 17:54