Theatre VR - Immersive actor experience

Theatre VR

Immersive actor experience


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If you have been dreaming to experience what it feels like to be an actor or an actress, here is a chance to experience it in virtual reality. Theatre vrh has a unique and feel-real way of making users to immersively experience what being a character in a movie feels like.

Theatre VR is a unique project that allows anyone to experience what it is like to be an actor. You choose a play, a role and then you say your lines, move around the stage, and make acting gestures while the other characters are driven by computer. source


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27.10.2019 15:07

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27.10.2019 15:10

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27.10.2019 15:10

This is very cool. It is only a matter of time before we see this technology come down enough in price to reach the masses. The fact that developers are creating applications now, long before we see the major push, is very encouraging.

People will have a lot of choices in the next few years.

27.10.2019 15:50

Virtual reality is taking the entertainment content to the next level and creating more interest in people to watch it. I still feel that VR has huge potential and it will grow a lot in the coming years. interesting hunt

27.10.2019 18:12

I have watched few short movies on VR device and have to admit that I never had this kind of content experience. I hope to see much more innovation and this one is surely one of the great innovation. nice find.

27.10.2019 18:16

An amazing platform to learn and experience acting skills. I would love to try that interesting activity. Thanks for sharing this beautiful Hunt with us.

27.10.2019 19:35


  • Use of VR technology.
  • fulfill you dream of becoming an actor.
  • Wide variety of roles.
  • Easy to use and understand.


  • non
27.10.2019 19:44

Technology is getting better and better, who ever thought that you can use the Vr technology to get a feeling of being an actor? no one , But now it is possible with theatre VR. You can also choose different actors and their characters, That is amazing .

27.10.2019 19:50

Yeah... Indeed it feels like dreaming. Too much immersive. Reminded me of movies Inception.

28.10.2019 02:24

Awesome ONe!
My dream is also to have feeling of being an actor and it will make our dream true. I think such devices will be available in Shopping Malls/Theater and we can enjoy here. Loving it! and Waiting to see in reality.
Thank You and Have a GooD DAY!

28.10.2019 03:05

This is an awesome concept. I saw 'joker' yesterday and I was left spellbound by the acting, wishing I had an iota of the skills that the lead actor had. Not that I want to be an actor but this is a great tool for people to try out their skills and improve them

28.10.2019 05:06

I am pretty sure that this is the hunt of the day . Great idea congrats and upvote fro me

28.10.2019 08:56

VR technology is evolving and it has capabilities to transform the world of entertainment and education. This is nice and innovative product.

28.10.2019 09:53

I am already experiencing this in real life XD every second person call me drama queen lol. But apart fro joke i liked this hunt a very cool way to immerse actor experience in virtual reality. Many people would love to try this out they will get to know about this. Indeed a cool hunt well done gentle

28.10.2019 10:14

Impressive Hunt, Yes most of us wants to be an Actor/actress and this will help people to experience it in VR.

NOTE: Acting is not an easy Art :P

28.10.2019 10:17

it will also help actors to increase their skill in the field of acting and they can perform much better after that

28.10.2019 13:14

Far OUT! This is going to be huge for Scene studies for people without partner. Also for Rehearsing movie scene's without being at location of other Actor/actors. Wow!

28.10.2019 13:31

Great gift for people who want to fulfill their wish to become actor. It will increase people confidence and improve their skill and ability. Nice hunt

28.10.2019 14:19

hmm, sound so interesting i also dream to be an actress, I think it could give me reall experience of that. I can imagine how it's so wonderful in virtual reality technology.

28.10.2019 14:30


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