Fellow steemians, i hope you are doing well. I had a nice day and i would like to share it with you.

My day started with my Fajr prayer at around 5am, i finished the prayer and went back to sleep. i was up again at around 9am. i was surprised i had slept that long. i went to the bathroom to freshen up and had tea with toasted bread for breakfast.
Then i joined a very boring zoom class, i didn't enjoy the class that much. I guess i didn't like it because we were supposed to be on a holiday today.
I love playing PES and since i was bored i invited some of my friends over to play with me. I am the best player i know so i couldn't be stopped by neither of my friends from winning.

@gentles 4: 0 @njaywan

We played for quite a long time which made me skip lunch, i didn't even know what to eat anyway.
Evening was catching up, i was very hungry so i had to quit playing and went on to prepare some jollof rice which i gladly shared with my friends. We all had running stomach (diarrhea) later in the night.
I was around 8pm and i had to study before bed. I studied for sometime lying on the bed, which i wouldn't recommend to anyone. The studying didn't last very long, i slept while studying, the book was my pillow.
This was my Friday

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great work bro i can see you didnt spare 'njaywan at all keep it up

04.04.2021 06:53

Ei 😲😲😲. You still have this picture. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

04.04.2021 10:19

yeah 😂😂😂

07.04.2021 00:57