Achievement #3 by @gentleman74 task: etiquette of steem.

Hello happy steemians,
I am trying to explain the content ettiquete of steemit for new users to understand steem it better and to verify achievement 3 for myself.


Etiquette in steem it is one of the feature which I and most other reasonable person will like about steemit. Steemit pays for your post. Actually its paying for your brain power of creating new content. Taking others work and claiming it of our own is a theft. This is termed as plagiarism. According to Cambridge Dictionary plagiarism means " the process or practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is your own " source
It shouldnt be practised even in the society. Because of few social media and sites we may have grown the practice which is completely wrong etiquette. Here on steem it plagiarism is dealt seriously. It is penalized.
If you think you cant use others quote or statement or picture for your post,then you are wrong. What you have to do is put the citation. Give the person, the site or the author the credit he deserves and cite them.
How to cite?
Put the quote or statement in quotation (" ")
If its be a picture use (<) before it.In order to put the link you have to follow the markdown style. I am explaining that for you.
(Put the thumbnail name)
Its this simple... Let me put an example..
I want to add google site and want to show the name google. I have to write "[Google] ("
And output will be Google
Hope I could make u undeerstand about what is lagiarism and how can the ppenalty be avoied using others work in need.
Thanks to you

Special regards to
@cryptokanon and @raizeshan
Your posts on ettiquete helped me to write.

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