Tip # 6 for a better Christian

Read the Bible.


> Hello Steemians, blessed day, I greet you @genesis2000. I just want to remind you that each blog is a challenge for you and me, even if it does not seem like it; because the purpose of this is that we can learn together and improve each day.

This has all the answers and will always help you and give you advice to be a good Christian (just review the Ten Commandments shows us this).

In addition, most bookstores sell books that help you better understand the scriptures if the Bible seems a bit difficult to materialize. This happens to most of us!

Participating in Bible study groups can make this a fun and entertaining activity that you continue in the long term. In addition, you will make many friends with similar ideas with whom you can share the word of God.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:35: "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass." Reading the Bible, make sure His words remain.


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Except that the Sabbath was for the Jews and doesn't apply to the church. Which is good because if you observed the Sabbath properly you wouldn't be able to leave your house from Friday at sundown until Saturday at sundown.

05.11.2019 01:29

Excellent publication. We need to have the word in our herats by studying it. But don't forget to be part of the #seedoflove.


05.11.2019 06:18