Animated No Agenda - President Drops the Magic Number

If Ya don’t listen to No Agenda subscribe now! Anywhere podcasts are found. Shout out to the producer making these shorts 🤟

Really was interesting hearing Trump throw out that 33 , Illuminati 33 u know what I mean. Btw all audio is legit not edited.

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This 33 inclusion was so strange, out of nowhere......Boom....There it is

09.12.2019 21:28

So weird!

“ 33 what they get away with “ Or 33... what they get away with

10.12.2019 11:02

You’d really like the No Agenda show. When u hsve a chance check it out. It’s on iTunes or anywhere podcast are found.

10.12.2019 11:24

It takes an episode or two to fully get it. There’s a lot of inside jokes at this point but trust me try giving it a listen

10.12.2019 11:25

I started with a few, at least they are short, a few minutes. It is hard enough to sit down for 30 minutes to listen to a full podcast. Funny satire at times

10.12.2019 15:01