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Mobile Observatory 3 Pro-Astro

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If you are interested in Astronomy and sky's wonders, Mobile Observatory 3-Pro Astronomy is a perfect tool for you even you are an amateur astronomer or occasional sky gazer.
For example you can get notification when the lunar eclipse is visible from your location or when the Moon and Jupiter meet at the sky.
This app is one of the most paid astronomy app of Android.
Its interface is fully renewed.
There are 2.5 mio stars and 45000 stars for download.
Augmented Sky View is available by using your mobile phone's camera.
And there are many new features.




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Space is limitless. As you mentioned there are 45000 stars and 2.5 million stars, amazing numbers. I wonder if there are humans in any other planets. By the way Mobile Obdervatory app may be great to observe the sky.

31.01.2020 12:20


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