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I am pleased to address you, with the aim of participating in searches and studies according to my knowledge acquired in the #SteemitCryptoAcademy. I have the interest in the teaching position in the #CryptoAcademy.
I am a motivated and progress-oriented person. I am a senior technician in computer science, I have performed and exercised my knowledge working independently, since in my country it has been difficult to develop in a labor way because of the low salary provided to citizens.

Initiative and innovation have always been part of my life, so I have done independent studies on cryptocurrencies, and knowing the #SteemitCryptoAcademy further expanded my knowledge.
Throughout my career in continuous study, always looking to continue developing my skills of creation, innovation and self-learning.
Since I started studying 28 days ago at #SteemitCryptoAcademy, I have taken advantage of and researched all the courses which have empowered me, applying intelligence and being able to prioritize and manage complex projects competently.

Why I believe I am suited to become a Steemit Crypto Professor.

I believe that I could adapt and integrate myself adequately to the task of a Steemit Crypto Professor, because I have the necessary knowledge to develop activities in the field of cryptocurrencies. In addition, I have a basic and technical level of English, and I am proficient in computer tools.
In reference to my virtues, I am a responsible, innovative, dedicated person, and therefore I have skills and abilities to write, write, summarize, explain and transmit my knowledge also in the same process the feedback in the planning of classes and courses.
In terms of schedules, I have complete time availability, so I would have no inconvenience in writing and conducting the course.
I would be very happy to expand and acquire more knowledge, as a teacher of the #SteemitCryptoAcademy.

I appreciate the kindness of your attention and look forward to your comments.

It is worth mentioning, that there are beginner students with little knowledge of what cryptocurrencies are, that is why my initiative is to conduct an introductory course to cryptocurrency; I am also looking forward to receiving suggestions of other related topics regarding the courses to be conducted.

5-week introductory cryptocurrency course model

Week 1. What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

  • What are cryptocurrencies?
  • Revolutionary properties of cryptocurrencies
  • Transactional properties of cryptocurrencies
  • How do cryptocurrencies work?
  • Blockchain. History

Week 2. How can cryptocurrencies be classified?

  • Leading digital currency Bitcoin
  • Digital money
  • Smart contracts
  • Privacy
  • Internet of things or IoT (internet of things)
    Week 3. How to obtain cryptocurrencies?
  • Buying them
  • Through trading
  • Mining them
  • Final result: pros and cons chart.

Week 4. What is and how to use a wallet?

  • What is a wallet?
  • Types of wallets
  • Best digital wallets for cryptocurrencies
  • How to choose a reliable wallet

Week 5. How to protect our investment?

  • How to steal cryptocurrencies without attacks
  • How to protect yourself when trading cryptocurrencies
  • Ways to manage risks when trading cryptocurrencies
  • Avoiding volatility

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