About canva App

Canva is a free visual computerization stage that is extraordinary for making solicitations, business cards, Instagram posts, and then some. A simplified interface makes redoing a huge number of layouts basic and simple. Canva's wide cluster of highlights permit you to alter photographs without broad photograph altering information or experience.

If u want to design for your social media the you can try it here.
This is user friendly app.

Canva makes marking pictures as straightforward as an intuitive. Regardless of whether you decide to utilize your logo, online media handles, or a hashtag, what was at one time a tedious undertaking will just require a couple of moments.

Is it canva free?

You can attempt Canva Pro free for 30 days. To initiate your Canva Pro record, you'll need to enter a charge card. You can drop whenever during your preliminary and you will not be charged.

I made this pic in canva

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