When can democrats be critical of Obama?

There were critiques of Obama by mostly independents over the years that really did strike home. By the far left as well. But now, years after he's left office, when candidates brought up some of their issues with Obama, the news media has lambasted them that it's a bad strategy, because he is well liked.

I liked Obama. I liked a lot of his policies.

I also really didn't like him sometimes.

I liked him when he stood up to cops after they pulled a black professor out of his house using lies, then used it as an excuse to arrest him. Then he punked out and acted like a little bitch and fell to the interests of the police, despite them clearly being in the wrong, just because they have so many interests behind them. Sometimes you have to stand up to the bullies.

I really hated how many drone strikes were perpetrated under his administration. I don't really know how much he had to do with it. When Snowden came out about the abuses under the Obama administration that were started under Bush, he talked about how they had live streams always running of the drone strikes. I don't think that he probably approved every strike. I don't think...I don't know if he would.

I know that when he had his turn in the debates, through double speak, he did say that he would support assassination of someone like Osama bin Laden, if given the chance. Then when it was that time, he did. He authorized a strike on foreign soil based on a tip supposedly by Pakistani intelligence. I guess that was better than a drone strike...but it was still invading foreign soil.

There are things that I dislike about Obama. He is not Jesus. He is not without sin. We should be able to point out things that were bad about him and discuss what different candidates would do differently.

Start it with a safety "I support Obama but" like you would with the police or the troops these days, because they likewise cannot be criticized without someone jumping down your throat.

But we should be able to criticize. We should be able to say how things should be done differently. We should be able to have candidates say outright that they would not do drone strikes like Obama and Trump have. Maybe that they would at least scale them back. Maybe that they would only authorize them in severe circumstances when there isn't a risk of having a bunch of civilian casualties.

Air Force photo by Senior Airman Christian Clausen (source)

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