We don't need a new YouTube, we need a place for decentralized news media.

Okay...maybe we do need a new YouTube, because the current one sucks. But Dtube isn't doing that bad replacing it. We just need to have another service that people perhaps need to pay for, to host their videos forever on IPFS, which is what Dtube uses.

But, we also need a place where people can view news media from all sorts of sources, and we break the monopoly that major news media has on the news.

One of the things that I end up talking about a lot on my blog is the mainstream media and their manipulation of the public opinion due to their choices of words and stories that they cover.

Right now, they are doing massive coverage of the shooting at a mall in El Paso, Texas. I have not watched any of that coverage. I have been trying to avoid it at all costs pretty much. I have seen far too much coverage of violent acts by the mainstream media. While my heart goes out to the loved ones that have lost people in the shooting, I cannot endorse the blanket coverage of every violent act. It effects us. I have no idea why they do it. Maybe it's just ratings. Maybe they want to influence gun laws. Maybe there's some reason I and others don't even think about.

Every time there's one of these stories that they choose to do wall to wall coverage of, there's tons of other news that gets pushed off the docket.

When I and others talk about certain news stories that aren't getting covered and talked about, it's because they took time to talk about a Trump tweet, or a violent act, or even a fucking funny video, rather than talk about another issue that really matters, too. And it's not that even that wasn't talked about by the media at all, because we read an article or heard a story about it. It just didn't get anywhere near the coverage that it deserved.

This happens all the time.

It's disgusting how many Americans do not know about Edward Snowden and what he did, because he saw something that was fundamentally un-American, happening every day, where he worked. He worked for a contractor that worked with the US government, and he was responsible to running servers and writing code to spy on Americans, illegally. And he brought that forward. He was a whistle blower. He exposed a massive program of illegal government surveillance, and for that, he had his passport revoked while he was trying to fly to another country to seek asylum, stranding him in Russia. And yet, most Americans think he has something to do with Wikileaks.

Now Wikileaks is an altogether different matter. While Snowden made a really tough choice to expose something he thought was wrong, Wikileaks makes a lot of really questionable decisions at times to just expose secrets. There have been times where they have done some really good things in their quest against government secrets...or whatever it is they're doing. I follow the news and I have trouble figuring out Wikileaks sometimes. They also had some questionable involvement with some hackers that may or may not have been associated with Russia, and may have been sort of involved with interfering with the election of Trump.

I don't really know the whole story, because I have to rely on people just saying things, and hope that they are being truthful. I and so many others rely on the mainstream media to tell us the story. Really, when it comes to Wikileaks, there does need to be a very public investigation. All the information needs to get put out there. The people need to know.

There is a huge problem with relying on the mainstream media though.

They choose what gets covered.

They choose to spend hours on one story, to the detriment of every other story.

They choose to cover a story, even when there's no real extra news about it.

And they choose to only do a minute blip on other stories, that are seriously important.

Right now, all across the world, we are suffering the catastrophic effects of global warming and pollution and just plain garbage everywhere. It's like a fucking apocalypse out there with rising sea waters and drought and fire and heat. It's fucking insane. People are being driven out of their houses due to flooding while other cities are suffering horrible drought. This is a catastrophic world changing epidemic that they really should be covering in different aspects every day. Instead, it's nearly impossible to get many of them to even acknowledge this is all due to humans. Instead, they actually put climate deniers on television, gas-lighting humanity.

There as so many stories that need more coverage.

Funny thing is, Steem hasn't actually been that receptive to news aggregators and curators who do the research and bring the news together and bring it to us on Steem. Of course, there's tons of low quality crap, but it's not like that job doesn't deserve a few bucks, if they're bringing together the news and helping us out.

Most of the time these days, that's all the big news is doing. They don't even do their fucking research anymore.

The thing is though, that we need people finding the news that we care about, so we can talk about it, and change things. Make an effect.

The media wants you to think that the only effect you have is by voting, but ironically you have a lot more effect talking and typing. Blogging about things, bitching, mailing and emailing your representatives, it all has an effect. Talking to people has much more effect than voting. Though you really should do both. You need to talk about things that you are concerned about.

But the thing is, if you never hear about it, because the news decided that it wasn't news, and it was more important to do hours of coverage about something else. Then you can't contact your representative. You can't talk to your friends and family about it. You can't make blog posts. You can't have an affect.

We need to distribute who chooses what news is news, so individuals can choose who will curate their news and find the stories they would like to watch and read.

*Image by Ian Cook et al February 28, 2018 (source)
Used under a Public Domain License*

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