Kids should have a signing class.

When I was a kid they used to have these stupid classes where they taught you how to write in cursive, which is this weird ancient form of writing where all the letters run into each other, kinda like signatures, but entire pages of them. You know what? I fucking never write in cursive. And it's fucking hard as fuck to read it when other people do, because that shit is all cramped together and shit. It's not that hard to read...but it is a bit. Some people are really good at cursive though, and it kinda looks a bit pretty.

But you know what I do use all the time, and yet totally fucking suck at still? My bloody fucking signature.

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We never had a class on signing our names. We never learned about different stylistic approaches to signatures and practice them. You know what I did? I blatantly ripped off the style of one of my teacher's way that she wrote her capital letters in cursive, and I used that to write my name. One day I was just put on the spot, and I did it, and it stuck.

But my signature still sucks.

For years I've been meaning to sit down and practice signing my name and try to get better at it...but I don't. I'm lazy. And my signature sucks.

But, you see, I use my signature all the time. Every time I have to sign for a package, I have to sign my ugly ass signature. When I write a check, my smeared together blob of cursive crap of a signature is at the bottom. If I ever have to get a loan, they will see my horrible signature at the bottom, and probably make a joke about it being like a doctor's.

Why didn't I have a class on writing my signature? It's something that we all need, and reflects on us, whether we like it or not. People comment on it. People make fun of it when it doesn't look professional and clean.

If you have a kid, maybe pick up some books on signatures and work with your kid on signing their own name, and developing a style.

While I was taught how to write my own name, and various things, I wasn't taught how to write my name with style...something that is regularly required by society.

Maybe the time will come where we rarely sign our name...or maybe we will actually go back to writing with our hands as technology advances. But right now, they really should make sure that kids work on showing their style in something that is on every contract, every check, every package reception, their signature.

Work with your kids on their signature, and really everything that they actually need in daily life, because while I wish that I had been taught things like this by school, you can't rely on them. And the parent really is the first line of defense when it comes to a child's education.

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