Just Go Ride Your Bike

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If you have the fortune to have a bike, you really should just go out and ride it.

I put off riding mine for so long.

I don't really know what I was waiting for, but while I was waiting I managed to get more and more out of shape.

I guess that I just didn't have anywhere to go. Or that's what I told myself.

The appeal of riding around a neighborhood didn't really have any.

Seen and judged by all manner of people for being out of shape and riding along on my bike.

Guess it was a form of anxiety.

But, I actually have the fortune and misfortune to live quite close to a nature preserve. I say misfortune, because I used to go there when I was younger, and it was quite a bit nicer in a number of ways. There were trails all over the place and you could ride your bike all over. Now even the small loop of gravel through it is overgrown, and they've fenced off and sold the bit near the river.

Cut up and sold a nature preserve...

But, all the same, I got on my bike and decided to get out there and ride it and see what I could see, and try to get in a bit better shape so I can ride to farther places to go on my bike.

I thought I was in a lot better shape than I was. I can still get up to top speed and pedal the highest gear to it's max and be annoyed that it doesn't go higher.

One of the many upgrades I've been planning for my bike.

That's actually part of why I haven't been riding my bike. I live in the middle of nowhere, and riding for 5-8 miles to get anywhere, along dangerous roads, doesn't have any appeal really. It's quite fucking frightening actually.

All the same, I do like my bike, and like being able to ride it. It's really just other people that I dislike.

I've now decided to stop putting off the upgrades to my bike to make it more rideable, including electrifying it before anything else.

I also need a lot of little things, like a portable pump, so I don't have to walk home when I get a flat.

But I've realized I don't need to not ride my bike, just because it's hard to get a lot of places. There are still many places I can get, even if maybe they're not the most ideal.

The nature preserve might be a bit overgrown, but it's still a place to ride and explore. And as I get back in shape, maybe I can learn to do a few tricks of mountain biking, like being able to easily jump over logs. I can wheelie and at various times hop a curb, but being out of shape, even that's quite a bit harder than it has been previously.

Despite trying to get back into working out, that too has failed.

One of the most annoying things about the nature preserve now is that the idiots actually fenced off multiple trails, trying to make it harder to get there on a bike.

The trails are mostly sand as it is. Give people a break.

Just because you favor walking and look down on kids riding through areas?

Today I mostly just rode through old trails I knew pretty well, though some of them were so overgrown I couldn't even get through them. Might have to cheat and cut them back a bit by bit as I go through there again, since the city isn't willing to maintain them.

There was one spot that they actually built a few years back that I was looking forward to trying to hop up on in my bike. I saw a guy on an instructional video telling people how to hop up on a picnic table with your bike. Not quite sure I can do that, but the walk through the woods actually does have a spot where it might be just about as high, and I wouldn't mind working my way up to being able to ride up onto that, rather than climbing up.

They really don't want anyone with a bike back there.

There are actually multiple parks in my area that ban bikes. WTF is up with that? How can you ban bikes from riding through a park?

Almost all of them ban skateboards.

mumbles curse words under my breath

Just let people have fun.

And just get out there with your bike and have fun yourself!

You don't have to go anywhere special. Just open up a map program or search for trails in your area, and see where you can go. Or ride through your neighborhood. Or just ride to a local place for lunch, rather than using your car. You might just find that it's pretty nice, and you need the exercise.

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11.03.2020 20:14

Power up more Steem if you're gonna spam us all with your bible stuff.

11.03.2020 20:21

one of my favorite things to do is just get out there and ride. I don't need a destination... remember when we were kids and we would just explore? Why can't we do that as adults? There are some pretty amazing things to see out there and you are also gonna get/stay in shape in the process.

12.03.2020 05:02

Great advice! Riding bikes is the best and always makes me happy. Makes me feel like a kid again, usually!

12.03.2020 15:15