Be more long-winded!

I am very loquacious. I speak in long fucking sentences. I have always done so. When I was a kid my teacher would cite me for long ass sentences that went on for paragraphs. As I grew up, I learned to break those up a bit, but I am still loquacious.

I am not talkative though. I won't respond to everything. I will sit there in silence and just stare at you if I don't think a response is strictly necessary.

I am fine with silence at time.

I'm actually a lot less talkative than most.

But here on Steem, I have actually got in trouble and pissed people off for being so damn loquacious and long-winded. Apparently these dumb fucks think instead of being responsive to their post, I should just make my own damn post about it. Well fuck you very much, you spoiled fucking brat. I WISH more people commented on my posts with long winded thoughtful fucking answers.

Unfollowed, bitch.

But, see, more people should be leaving long fucking replies to posts. I want those. I want everyone to leave those. Even if I don't really agree with you. At least I will feel the need to respond to you, rather than rolling my fucking eyes, because it's the same fucking response I've heard a million times and I just don't wanna fucking deal with it right now.

People need to engage with each other and move back to a place where we can debate politics and religion. I remember when that was totally a thing. Then slowly people got so they started to say that we shouldn't talk about these things because they get people all riled up, and we stopped talking, and we moved farther and farther away from each other.

The reason politics and religion get people so riled up is because they are passionate about them.

We need to re-learn how to talk to each other.

And we need to be long winded.

We need to explain why we believe in certain things.

We can't just yell things at each other like being louder is going to make them understand. It doesn't work with deaf people. It doesn't work with people that don't speak your language. It doesn't work with people that don't agree with you.

But for some reason, media has somehow taught us that that's what we're supposed to do.

Steem isn't mainstream though. Maybe one day we'll have a lot more people, but for now, we're a small blogging community with a lot of crypto enthusiasts.

We won't all agree on everything. But we need to engage each other. We need to re-learn how to talk to each other. We need to learn how to be a closer community that talks out the differences we have and comes to common ground and accepts one another.

So be loquacious. Be talkative. Talk too much. Leave long replies. Tell people why they're wrong. Tell them why you agree with them. Have rants based on one thing they said. We're a blogging community. We need to talk to each other and learn to talk to one another. It needs to become easier.

Don't get mad because someone is a bit too long winded. Because they took time out of their day to share their passions with you. And you rejecting that, that makes you an ass.

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wow que fuerte ha sonado todo lo que aquí has plasmado, pero que necesario!! es bueno ser locuaz especialmente porque no te dejas de nadie, algo de lo que particularmente e carecido, sin embargo aplaudo tu texto de necesitar comunicarnos mas entre nosotros pero lo bueno, basta ya de tanto indiferencia o de censurarnos en lo bueno// hay mucha gente haciendo lo malo hagamos lo bueno// saludos

03.08.2019 03:30

Muchas gracias.
Lamentablemente no hablo español.
Pero gracias por tu respuesta.
Tuve que usar un traductor.

03.08.2019 03:50