Steem Think Tank Survey

These are my answers to the Survey.

How long have you been using Steem?

3 and a half years

Where are you in terms of SP? (Plankton(0-500SP), Minnow(500-5000SP), Dolphin(5k-50kSP), Whale(you're probably not a whale, if you are you know what a whale is))


Where are you in the world? (Just Country)


What brought you to Steem?

An e-book

What was your first impression?

That it was probably a scam.

How do you feel about the current state of Steem?

Not too positive.

How often do you use Steem applications/websites/etc?


What is your favorite Steem Application and why?

SteemEngine, it makes me feel like an investor.

What’s your favorite thing about Steem?

It's potential.

What’s your least favorite thing about Steem?

That most of the decisions here are made by a handful of people.

How difficult/easy would you say it is to use Steem?

At first quite difficult, once you get the hang of it it is quite easy.

Would you recommend Steem to family/friends/coworkers? If no why not?

Not really, I have onboarded a few people but they fail to grasp what this is about and leave, so I guess it is mostly futile to do this.

What do you wish you could do with Steem that you can’t currently?

Actually I like the way it works right now, of course I don't agree with many decisions that have been taken but I take things as they come.

What excites you most about Steem?

Again, its potential

What worries you most about Steem?

That it is not, with all its potential considered a very important blockchain by the majority of people.

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