The tale of a girl child in Africa


The female gender in most part of Africa has almost been reduced to second class citizens while their male counterpart is regarded as first class citizens or individuals. In Africa, the men has certain priviledges that the women can only dream to have. The following are some of the challenges faced the women:

Exclusion from Financial activities

Most women in developing world does not have a bank account or access to banking services. Most of them either keep money in the house or use their male counterpart's account to receive financial support or even their wages from the little they do. This has also given the male counterpart an advantage in this area. Yet it has been affirmed that any household where women are given the opportunity to handle the management aspect of the finance the children and the household needs are well taken care of.

Educational limitations

In Africa male child education is prioritise over a female child although many young girls of school age are now in school compared to time past. Many more are still out of school or dropping out from their school halfway as a result of lack of support. This is one of the challenges the female gender face in Africa. Also due to several underage in marriages many girl child are forced out of school against their own will.

Inadequate sanitation facilities

Open defecation in is still very practiced in Africa. This open defecation affect the female gender because they are easily prone to infection and diseases. Majority of the persons in Africa do not have access to good toilet facility and where they are it is not properly taken care of because of the number of people using it. A lot of adolescent girls and women make use of napkin or clothes instead of sanitary pads when they attain adolescent age during their menstrual cycle. This alone is also a threat to their health.

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Reduce agricultural participation

To participate in any form of agricultural practices. it is seen in most places as an occupation for the male child or man generally. This has reduced the output of female participation in agriculture thereby contributing to reducing the amount of financial power or capacity a girl child can accumulate.

In conclusion, the general position of celebrating a male than the female in developing countries and especially in Africa can not be overemphasized and these and many more are the challenges been faced by female or women generally.

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