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IWE is a project meant to transform the education system in the world, built on blockchain platform called AWABOOK, We allow users to easily access any type of books, essays, publications, research and other educational writings. Also, writers can easily publish their writings on our platform to make billions of people get access to it for a fee. There is also a smart contract technology on the platform that allows users to hire a professional writer to help them write on a topic or make a review about the write up.

IWE is created to provide solutions to the problems associated with the traditional education system such as low circulation, lack of transparency and copyright theft, etc. The native currency used on the IWE is known as OWO. AWABOOK developed OWO to help finance the development of IWE, it will help to finance product development, marketing and
advertising for the development of the platform.

Users use OWO to gain access to IWE platforms where they exchange their tokens for books they need and also they a writer can be hired to write a book on this platform through a smart contract and the writer we be paid with this Token.



The white paper

IWE was created on April 27 2021 through AWABOOK blockchain protocol. This project is a decentralized platform that is created to manage, distribute, and trade virtual books Giving writers and readers a new model of buying and selling books digitally.

There will be millions of IWE users in the world, with an aim of being the fourth largest blockchain network in the world in terms of market capitalization which is expected to be worth $30 billion. Writers and readers will socialize and work together to create unique educational
communities where a reader can search for a book and buy or rent the book and pay the writer with OWO coin, in a situation whereby a reader buys the book and he wishes to sell it to another reader, the writer get a commission from this resale also thereby helping writers to monetize their writings.

The major reason for creating IWE was to modernised the education system and also rectify the problems associated with the exchange and accessibility to books, part of this problem are:

Fraud: The normal book exchange system is associated with risk of fraud, sometimes the book content is different to what is actually written in the book so scamming is very common especially selling of malicious or fake pdf and sometimes the writers article are stolen without notifying or giving credits to the writer.

High fees and slow: This is a very common issue in old book exchange system, books are bought at cheap price from the writer and the broker or intermediary sell them at a very high price without giving the writer any more commission also readers don't get their books instantly after payment, they have to wait for days or hours before they can access their purchased books also sometimes when renting out books especially physical books, they're are been tampered with or damaged so it might not be useful again.

These and many other problems were considered before creating IWE so the developers provided solutions and some of the solutions or services that IWE offers are:

To Readers

Readers have access to all kinds of book, there are millions of books on the network that support all academic discipline and all these book are thoroughly scrutinized to validate the content of the book if it is genuine or not also readers have access to chat with the writer to ask questions related to the book and readers who purchase the book can rent it out to others on the platform although the writer get a commission out of the exchange. It is neccessary to know that all users must have the token before they can enjoy these services as OWO is the only medium of exchange.

To Writer

Writers don't need to make bulky copies of their books again, when writers upload their books onto the network, they can edit the number of this books they want it to be in circulation, the circulation affects the price of the books, the more the book in circulation the lesser the price and the lesser the amount in circulation the more the price. Also the issue of infringement is eliminated as users can only access the book on the platform, they're are not allowed to edit the book or make a physical copy of it so only the writer has access to the hard copy of the book and writers earn more money because a writer can rent his book out and the reader can't access the book when the rent is expired also for every resale made by a purchaser the writer gets a commission for it. All this exchange can only be done using the native currency which is OWO to gain access to the network and to exchange.

Market Growth

The value of OWO has increased a lot over the years, during it first launch in 2021, it was sold at $2 per unit and one million units was offered to the public, IWE was able to raise $2 million and this was used in the development of the network. Currently a unit of OWO is worth $1500 and only 750 million units are in circulation cause 250 million units were burned. IWE is projected to be the 4th largest market value in crypto world.


The main of objective is to create a seamless educational content sharing system whereby writers and readers can socialise with each other easily and users can get access to unlimited books to enhance their study or research also users can hire a writer to help him write a content or a reader to help review a book.
The rate at which the network is growing and it development, physical books will be out of existence and all books will be purchased on this platform due to his unique features.

Thank you for reading my post.


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Hola @gboye1, gracias por participar en la Academia Cripto de Steemit!

El proyecto me gusta mucho, ya que en lo personal tengo un interés especial por la educación, siento que ya es hora de un cambio. 

La plataforma Awabook, siento que ayudaría mucho en ese cambio, lo que quizás sí veo muy poco realista es que se vuelva la moneda numero cuatro en el puesto de capitalización y que la unidad valga 1500$.

Valoro el uso de la creatividad en tu post, pero hay que ser coherentes con las metas del proyecto.

Como consejo, en próximas tareas coloca más imágenes ya que hace la lectura más fresca.

Muchas gracias por tu esfuerzo, hiciste un buen trabajo.

Calificación: 6,5

29.04.2021 07:06