Steemit Crypto Academy Season 2, Week 1|Homework Post for @alphafx| Blockchain and Platforms

Thank you @alphafx for the lesson and Home Work Task. Below are the attempts:


Give a detailed comparison between two blockchain platforms of your choice.

I have decided to pick Ethereum and Trons blockchain platforms for detailed comparison.

Ethereum and Tron are cryptocurrencies with the similar obejectives, before comparing the similarities and dis- similarities between the ethereum block chain and the Tron blockchain. It is necessary to define both terms:

Ethereum is a non - proprietary software, blockchain based technology and decentralized software programming that is used for it own cryptocurrency which is known as the ETHER or ETH. It also provide a smartcontract functionality and distributed application can be created without any interference, control or fraud from third party. It is the second largest cryptocurrency in world base on market capitalization with a market cap of $254 billion. It is one of the most actively used blockchain in the world.

Tron is a blockchain-based scattered platform that intends to build a independent, universal digital content entertainment system with decentralized storage technology and also allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content. it uses a peer to peer networking technology to bridge the gap between content makers and the content users thereby eliminating intermediaries between them and reducing cost also this transactions are performed faster. The native cryptocurrency of the tron system is know as TRX.



The similarities between Ethereum and Tron blockchain are:

Both of them are decentralized: decentralization is an important feature of crypto(blockchain), Ethereum and Tron are decentralized blockchain networks that totally eliminate third parties interference. They support the development of decentralized networks by deploying decentralized applications such as nodes and dapps.

Security: Ethereum and Tron have a strong security system to make it impossible or hard for hackers to get into their system, their main net is extremely secured and it's always improved from time to time also for every new dapp on either network, security documentation is always well laid out to reduce the case of security breaches.

Transactions speed: the major reason for using cryptocurrency or blockchain technology protocols is to improve the rate at which transactions can be done, both Ethereum and Tron allows users to transact speedily among themselves due to this many companies adopted this currency to boost their daily transactions so they can satisfy more customers.

Despite this similarities, there are lot of difference between this cryptocurrencies/blockchain which are:

Market value: For someone who is interested in investing in cryptocurrency, it is neccessary to understand the size and worth of the blockchain network to analyse it growth and value. The ethereum market value is much more than the tron intact it is over 200 times more valuable than tron, the market value of ethereum is over $250 billion while that of tron is close to $2 billion although both of these coin are still growing and tron might have more value than ethereum over the years because cryptocurrency ecosystem is very volatile.

Acceptance: The ethereum cryptocurrency is more accepted than tron, many companies accept ethereum as a mode of payment than tron, attest out of 10 crypto traders, you're likely to find 6 ethereum users so ethereum is more acceptable in the society than tron.

In conclusion: Ethereum has a better developer community than tron, A network can't be effective without the help of developer because they ccreate solutions to any problem that may occur in the network. Ethereum has an at least 99 developers who working on the core protocol and others who are building wallets, SDKs, websites, and other crypto software from time to time but TRON has less developers working on core protocol and other aspects.

Thank you for reading my post.

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