Bureaucracy, a tool for maxing efficiency in a formal Organization.


Every formal Organization are often created for a specific purpose. They are legal entity with an explicit functions and written rules to guide their activities. Bureaucracy has been in existence from time immemorial but the scientific introduction came from Max Weber who was solely concerned about the distribution of power in an organizational settings.

Meaning of Bureaucracy:

According to The English Dictionary, the word bureaucracy can be defined as structure and regulations in place usually in a large organization and government operations. Bureaucracy is a means of putting some norms and rules in place and also creating a means to enforcing it in any organization.

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Bureaucracy as a means of maximizing efficiency in a formal Organization:

Since every formal organizations are set up to achieve a particular purpose , bureaucracy which is a means of controlling the activities of people in such settings has become an aspect of formal Organization which tend to help maximize efficiency and effectiveness in such settings.

The rules and regulations that are put in place in a bureaucratic organizations and the means of enforcing them that are created can help an organization to a large extent to achieve it's actual purpose(s).
Also bureaucracy usually gives a tenure in an occupation which in turn helps an individual to develop a career in a particular occupation since the tenure of the appointment has already been given.
Bureaucracy helps to give security to workers through the payment of pension on retirement and this will in no doubt help workers to work effectively knowing that something awaits them at the end of their work life.

Bureaucracy which most cases gives chances for salary increase and takes care of unfortunate happenings also tends to encourage workers in putting in their best inorder to be part of these benefits and thereby increasing their level of efficiency at work.

These and many other reasons tends to make bureaucracy a tool for maximizing efficiency in a formal organization.

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