Hello Conservers,
Welcome to projectwlc. Projectwlc is the first wildlife conservation project built on blockchain technology. Its priority is to provide sanctuary and safe haven for endangered species of animals, protecting, breeding and nurturing them to prevent extinction and to increase their population, so that the future generation can enjoy.

To be a part of this project, you can join our telegram group and discuss with other Conservers around the world.

Projectwlc is offering a bounty which will allocate 100WLC token with each worth $0.65 to our bounty hunters for free upon sign up. You can perform simple bounty task to participate in the sharing of the 10,000,000WLC token allocated for the bounty. For bounty rules, Join the telegram group

Join Pre-sale and acquire WLC token at the rate of $0.16. First individuals to acquire WLC token at the first week of pre-sale get additional 30% of each amount of token purchased.

For more enquiries and to view our whitepaper and road map, visit our website

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