My Project.hope Post Review (Episode 48)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my 48th episode of my project hope review, the essence of this post is to select three post which caught the attention of the writer. The writer is meant to leave comments on the post they selected, thereby improving communication on a post.


@project.hope has been a community for user who share the same vision and interest in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, solar energy, automatization, virtual reality, economy, psychology and augmented reality.

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Let's kick the ball rolling.

Top Three Project hope Posts.


  • Image from josediccus post.

Money Is Fleeting, The Real Value Is "You")

We definitely need money to get all the good things that we want in life but more than money we also need to have a good reputation and not forget how much the stories we leave behind after our demise matters a lot.


  • Image from ojerinde post

Hurtful ways parents make their children feel insecure.

In the part of the world where I was raised, parents do not always care about the feelings of their children, they say really mean things to them all in the name of parental upbringing.


Image from carlos84 post.

Genuine leadership: How to get others to change their ideas without offending them?

To succeed as a leader it is important to be really diplomatic in the place of correction, there is no use being totally blunt about everything, there will be a time when you need to correct your followed but remember to do it with respect to their emotions as well.


@project.hope is doing really well to allow both delegators, writers and people who follow its trail make profit by adding to the community. Getting support from the users will be of great benefit.

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