Splat, when man makes his own meteorites

They finally found the lander.

The one that went missing on its way to the surface of the moon.

When you lose contact with a lander it usually means only one thing... It's crashed and unfortunately for the indian space agency that is now confirmed with the Vikram lander.

All it is now is a bright splatter on the surface of the moon.

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Well, I guess that leaves a nice souvenir to look for in the surface of the moon. They certainly marked their spot.

04.12.2019 05:55

Do you have an explanation for the straight lines on the picture?

04.12.2019 08:30

those are usually the strips the images are taken in and then stitched together. If you notice they are all parallel.

05.12.2019 07:04

Thanks @gavet, no unnoticed highways :-)

05.12.2019 07:40

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