Any of you seen this yet?

From the man why may go down in history as the one who polluted the heavens.

None other than Elon musk and his constellations of starlink satellites.

Some people are already being spooked that the "war of the worlds" is about to begin.

Not even 1% of them are up there yet.

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That is just wrong! They can't litter the sky like that!!

25.12.2019 04:45

The future is really get scary, we don't know what is the end game

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25.12.2019 06:33

Urgh this guy again....he is one of the best and worst people in the world. His fear could lead to things worth fearing

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25.12.2019 08:31

Bloody hell !! You kidding surely .... that is only 1% of planned satellites?

25.12.2019 15:41

As many as 40 000+ planned

26.12.2019 17:40