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"Eloquence is the lady of all arts. (Omnium artium domina)"

Tacitus - Latin historian

Hello, nice to greet you. In my previous post I wrote about communication. This time I would like to introduce you to a topic I am passionate about: public speaking. What, Why, What for, How and Where of Public Speaking. That's what this post will be about.

What is oratory? According to the Little Larousse dictionary oratory is the art of speaking with eloquence. It is a literary genre whose function is to convince, persuade, expose or move by means of the spoken word.

Basically, oratory is an art that can be learned. For some it is easier, for others it is more difficult. But we can learn the techniques to express ourselves in a correct and effective way before and with an audience, whether it is one person face to face, or more than two thousand in an auditorium.

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Why public speaking? Because by learning to speak in public we are overcoming the second greatest fear of human beings after the fear of death (some say it is about the fear of death), so I believe that if we overcome the fear or panic of speaking in front of more than five people, we can overcome any fear we have. She is useful in allowing us to convey our message correctly and eloquently, that is, by delighting, moving or persuading our interlocutor.

Believe me, there is no way to predict what will enable you to achieve and achieve the ability to speak in front of an audience.

Why oratory? Well, simple: to learn to communicate effectively in front of a group of people, whether it is a classroom, a neighborhood meeting, a company meeting or a special family gathering. By learning public speaking and human relations we acquire the key that will allow us to open many, if not all, of the doors that we desire and need. We will lose the fear of speaking in front of others or at least it will be easier to control it, we will speak fluently, we will transmit what we really want to say, we will delight, we will move and we will manage to persuade or convince those we want.

"The magic of the tongue is the most dangerous spell."

Edward Bulwer-Lytton - British novelist

How to learn and practice your public speaking? The answer might surprise and even disappoint you a little bit. But the way to learn and practice public speaking is: public speaking. It's as simple as that. There's no other way. But just a moment, before you close the tab and send me down a pipe, let me explain.

If I want to learn to swim, what do I do? Buy a book about swimming, probably, or watch a tutorial on YouTube, maybe. All right, fine. There you go. That's enough of that. Then when I go to the pool or face the ocean, I'll dive in, swim like a dolphin and go deep into the ocean, Carlos Coste style. Yeah, right! Well, no, you don't, and you know it. To learn to swim we must have contact with water, yes or yes. No matter how many exercises of visualization, positive mind or Law of Attraction we do, we are not in "The Matrix" where they can load a computer program and drive a helicopter at once. We must throw ourselves into the arena (or water). We must take advantage of every opportunity to speak in public, not run away from them, but rather seek them out. Just like when we want to lose our shyness and be more sociable.

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The other thing we can do is sign up for a course or workshop in public speaking where they teach some techniques and you can understand the importance of practicing. Remember that in addition to online courses, I also give courses, workshops and advice to individuals or groups. But even attending a course or workshop in person, reading a book, thousands of articles like this or watching the best video on YouTube or Vimeo, you will never make progress if you do not practice. A great teacher I had would say: don't forget the three "P's" of public speaking: practice, practice, practice.


How important do you consider public speaking? Has it been useful to you or do you think it might be useful to you in achieving your personal and professional goals?
Let me hear your opinion in the comments, it'll be a real pleasure to read what you think.

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Greetings @ garybilbao It is very true that in many cases public speaking causes stage fright to appear, paralyzing people, sometimes it also causes them to hyperventilate causing them not to say the words, it is very interesting your publication, I will put it into practice.

Thank you very much for your publication.

01.05.2021 04:58

Thank you for your interest in my publication and for your comment. Public speaking is a learned art. Put into practice what I mention and I know you will be able to move forward. In future publications I will give more tips.

Best regards.

03.05.2021 11:32