Let's talk about human relationships

"The success of a whole life, of a complete life, is success in human relations. A life without love will have been disastrous."

Tzvetan Todorov

What, Why, What for, How and Where of human relations.

Let Little Larousse speak first:

Relationship n. f. (lat. relationem, which refers). Situation that occurs between two things, ideas or facts when by some circumstance they are linked in a real or imaginary way. 2. Correspondence, treatment or communication. 3. A person with whom one maintains friendship or social relations.

Relationship is the correspondence, union, reference or treatment that we have with something or someone, especially with someone, when we refer to human relations.

Human beings are social beings; relating to other people is something natural and an important factor in our emotional well-being. Even the loneliest and most hermit-like person needs to have a connection with another person in any way. On the contrary, the lack of social skills affects our mental health in a negative way, so it is necessary to acquire them to help us live and coexist in harmony with others. But it is important to start at home: and by home I mean us. Let's be honest, sometimes we find it difficult to get along with other people because even we can't stand each other. We don't know how to communicate with each other, so we don't know or accept each other, and in some cases, we don't even love each other. If we want to relate and love others, let's start with ourselves.

All activity in our lives is based on communication, it is impossible not to communicate and communicate, and when we are unable or have difficulty expressing ourselves clearly due to shyness, nervousness, limiting beliefs, personality or other factor, then we become blocked, we feel misunderstood and our self-esteem and self-concept are negatively affected.

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We are always communicating, we will always have to express and inform something. Therefore, just as in public speaking, if we really want to improve our ability to relate to others, the ideal is that we take every opportunity to do so; the more we do so, the more we lose our fear and make significant progress, as long as we train ourselves and seek to learn how to improve the way we do so.

"At heart, it's relationships with people that give life meaning."

Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt

One thing that helped me a lot to overcome my fear of relating to others was just taking the risk to speak up. To not avoid conversations, even to look for them, as fearful and shaky as I was. It is well known that for a shy person to start a conversation requires a lot of mental and emotional effort. Well, I am introverted and I was shy, and it was very difficult for me to talk to people. Today I am still introverted but I am no longer shy. We must not confuse those terms.

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As we read earlier, we are always and everywhere communicating and interacting with others: partners, children, associates, employees, co-workers or fellow students, neighbors, teachers, someone on the bus or a store manager. That is why the following maxim holds a great truth:

I started this post with a phrase Tzvetan Todorov, however I took that extract from the following text by the same author which I leave you to close:

"If, as a human being, at the end of my life I was asked what success is, I would answer that it is having lived a life in which I lived, loved and respected and was respected by others whom I loved and respected. Forgive me for using the word "life" or the verb "to live" so much, but I prefer not to look for synonyms or other ways of saying it. The success of a whole life, of a complete life, is success in human relationships. A life without love will have been disastrous.

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Relationship is key in loving a fulfilled life on this earth and that's why we must pursuing having a good relationship with people

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That's right my friend, relationships are extremely important in our lives. The quality of our life depends a lot on the quality of our human relationships.

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