Whales running off people trying to onboard.



Yeah pretty much been told solid no for anyone onboarding. Yep the latest friend basically said fuck you it's bullshit.

Well idk but yeah it's not looking good and anyone real had trashed steemit.

I'm super upset. Let's stack that change up though!

And yeah people are just frustrated and trying to drag down others because they are jealous of others success.

Yep. Desperate people are the least attractive.

This block chain is crashing. No love for anyone trying to make it.

Well... I'm fine! Got cash in hand. Honestly paid the same that I have made the entire time... Just by cashing in my iPad.

Wow .. well shows me the value of my work here and holding meetups.

Yep not a single person at the first Meetup is here. Not a single one.

But it's totally cool to flag my posts?

Yep cash that steem in. Bail before the total crash.

Oh drugwars? Where did that go? Partiko? Flopped.

Hashkings? Special education material.

Well I'm gonna laugh and cash out. Maybe get a new toy for the years of work here.

This entire time has been a waste. And too many toxic people that never lived in real life and hide behind keyboards.

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The people who busy themselves with regulating and auto flagging do NOT know how to onboard. They have no real people game. They think they have a mind for curating or investing and shit... I would bet 9 times outta 10 these fools are socially awkward and weak. Just my opinion..

15.09.2019 17:50

Yep gotta agree.

16.09.2019 06:11