Veganism. Doesn't respect the plants.

What's gonna happen to those.milk cows. You gonna foster them?

Health care? It's very expensive for a vet to birth a calf or 100... And the late nights. Having to search for lost mothers and calves?

No they are very well taken care of. Ranchers that abuse animals are shunned from the industry. And do you know how much it would cost for the cities to pay for free healthcare for millions of cows..

Or is this quietly a call to murder all the cows.

Veganism is a corporate scam. You ever test the almond milk that's slaughtering the bee population? How about rights for bees!!!!

Without bees vegans have no food source. And the entire ecosystem collapses.

Palm oil is destroying the rainforest.

Support your local permaculture farm. Live with animals and in balance.

Veganism isn't the cure. And the behavior of many vegans towards people that don't share the same diet is appaling.

By all means have that gmo genetically modified Roundup ready plant burger... Or the bacon substitute. Those cravings are your body screaming for essential amino acids and required nutrition.

Vegans are like the McDonald's diet. Convenient and packaged to suck you in.

Plants feel pain. And are alive...

Next up... I've never seen appreciation from vegans for their food supply. I'm native American and I pray when I pick Berries. I pray when I fish. The strength of the fish and courage and journey. The rabbit for his wisdom.and patience. The deer for his vision and peace. And the buffalo for his courage. And the plants that clean my water and give me air to breathe.

Life is about balance and love. Not a petty squable over who is better over another person for diet, skincolor, or politics.

We are all human and deserve to be respected.

plants can feel pain and I have actually had vegans tell me the plants do not feel pain or are aware. kind of funny when my flowers tell me exactly what kind of food they need or have too much of.

One potato can actually be cut into multiple sections each containing the ability to make a new plant. So you are killing multiple plants from each potato you use...

Every seed is a plant fetus... Every seed that you eat you are murdering a plant baby.

I see lots of talk about health... And don't see any personal benefits first hand from a vegan only diet and I can say that because I have tried vegan as well as vegetarian diets.

Funny thing is when I go over to my vegan or vegetarian friends house... They politely have meat available if you need it. I love actually going over in eating at their house. They have some pretty good food. And I definitely have tried the vegan dishes. However due to taste as well as textures I do not particularly enjoy vegan Fare.

To me vegans controlling others is just showing the true meaning of this view. It's about control and a killer corporate sales pitch.

Just look at the vegan industry.

Or how about the YouTube shooter. Vegan woman shoots up YouTube office for demonetization of her account. For them taking her viewership away she murdered and went on a shooting rampage.

Like skylinebuds. Flag war for no reason until others told me... Ha! Oh that's why he is anally chafed? Hehe. Ok.

Well this isn't forgotten. And a couple penny flags are not going to bully or intimidate me...

Which is why he is doing this ..

And his comment? He is the 1% of healthy?

That's pretty disgusting to say to someone disabled physically. And I'd be careful as cancer hits everyone. So does health issues.

I say prayers and blessings. What health I do have is still with me. I am thankful to survive and to see another day.

I will say prayers for the food that I eat no matter if it is animal or plant. It is an amazing thing to have thanks for the food that you eat because today you are lucky enough to have food.

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