Epidemic and zombies?


Yep. I'm.seeing some crazy things. Bet they have the antidote too....

How much you wanna bet China is just sacrificed a few citizens just to smesh the world like khabib...

Some scary things going around. And yeah I can see this being pretty bad. Like pretty epic. This time during the century we get a big hit.

Now 2.5% die off is bad.

Just imagine the extra fallout from complications. Yep so around 10-15%... That's pretty big.

If it mutates? Well. Then double that. And again?

Whew. Some big thoughts.

Say your prayers.

Hand me the shot gun about to be zombie killing time.15799998682697186292896799023222.jpg

Well I'm glad me and dog are survivors. And we will see what happens when this really hits.

Heard something about Seattle starting to get swarms of patients.


is it gonna be the big one?

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Ever wonder why the Umbrella logo is the Knights Templar cross???

26.01.2020 01:22

Ever wonder why
The Umbrella logo is
The Knights Templar cross???

                 - hippie-witha-gun

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

26.01.2020 01:22

Yeah I have

26.01.2020 05:03

Interesting observation. I don't know alot about the nights other then a little about the crusades. That part of history never interested me much as I'm not a fan of murder. I prefer to see positivity.

26.01.2020 15:38

I remember writing a blog 12 or 13 years ago about this subject back when I still had a facebook page. I titled it: Resident Evil Code FREEMASONRY. And it was all on the Umbrella Logo being the Templar cross and that this game/movie was the endgame goal to turn us all into dumb fuck zombies so they could exterminate us turning the world into the sci fi dystopian nightmare that essentially happened in the movie HA HA.

26.01.2020 16:24

There is no copy of this aricle? I would love to read it.

26.01.2020 20:55

Nope. I shut down my facebook page back in 2010. I'm almost facebook free 10 years now!!!

27.01.2020 04:40